How Much “L”s Is This For Phaedra Parks Now?

when my spirit doesn’t care for someone,
i am usually 99.9% right.
when i first saw phaedra parks on her debut on “rhoa”,
she rubbed me the wrong way.
she didn’t do anything in particular,
but her energy came off sus.
well after seasons of alleged scheming and lying,
i ended up being right.
in her latest alleged lying,
it seems she fibbed her way in being divorced as well.
remember this:

well then this happened via reality tea
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Fake, Fraud, and FlimFlammery: The Life of Apollo Nida

liarliarwell i knew this was going to happen.
i knew it.
i just knew it.
apollo nida from #rhoa was going to come clean sooner or later.
i was waiting for everyone and his idiot wife to play catch up…
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Apollo Nida Will Be Absent For A Couple Seasons

apollo nida,
phaedra park’s jailbird hubby from #rhoa,
was sentenced today to 8 years for:

wire fraud
id theft

well on lighter news,
phaedra suddenly has a brand new story line.
bad news?
we still have to watch it.
thank f-bi for the update!

x read more about apollo’s sentencing

Speaking Of Apollo, He Pled Guilty!

396957_original“fix it jesus”?

its back to the big house for apollo…
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Apollo’s “Right Hand Chick” Who Sang

1325711 ^that is apollo’s allleged “mistress in messiness”,
gayla st. julien.

rhoaphaedraratchetusashe looks rough!
well she is the alleged “right hand bitch” who sang when she got busted.
this is a twist i did NOT see coming.
check her arrest record…
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Sooo THAT Was Apollo Nida’s “Job” Then

tumblr_lw1xi9iM0S1qdhzz1o1_500my f-bi blew UP my emails today.
well apollo nida,
male gold digga hubby to phaedra parks from rhoa,
was arrested on alleged bank fraud and identity theft!
the story broke on sandra rose and spread like wildfire…

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