Apollo Nida Will Be Absent For A Couple Seasons

apollo nida,
phaedra park’s jailbird hubby from #rhoa,
was sentenced today to 8 years for:

wire fraud
id theft

well on lighter news,
phaedra suddenly has a brand new story line.
bad news?
we still have to watch it.
thank f-bi for the update!

x read more about apollo’s sentencing

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Apollo Nida Will Be Absent For A Couple Seasons”

  1. What percentage of federal time must be served before he’s eligible for parole? 100%? 85%? What? Will his wife divorce him and move-on?

    1. I expected a number in the range between 8 and 15. My guess was 10. People were saying he was going to get 30 years. When he accepted that plea, thirty years was off the table for sure, and any number close to that. A person’s time drastically drops once they accept it depending on the crime. People usually do not get lengthy sentences for white collar crimes anyway. It is what it is. Eight years is a long time, but he likely will not serve that amount. More than likely he will only serve five. All this could have been prevented if he wasn’t trying to keep up with people around him.

  2. he’ll probably do 4 and spend the other half on parole…he went from facing 30 to getting 8…I bet you any amount of money he snitched…i grew up in the inner city of Philly around a lot of thugs and people who get locked up often it’s a sad cycle…my second oldest brother stayed in and out of jail…but eventually he got caught up in big charges…he was locked up in 2009, wasn’t sentenced until 2011, he DIDN’T snitch on his homies who did the crime with him and i guess since he had a long record, the FEDS were mad that he didnt tell, so my brother isn’t coming home until March 2031..He dealt with some dangerous folks so telling probably would have done more bad then anything..at first i was devastated realizing that here i am in my 20’s but i wouldn’t see him again GOD willing until i was in my mid 40’s..but my brotha said some real shit one day he basically was like “Yo no one made me do this i did it because i wanted to, i did the crime so i have to do my time)….sometimes it hurts still and i even have my days where i cry thinking about him but i still can email him thru corrlinks.com and he calls sometimes so I’m blessed, many of his former street buddies have gotten KILLED since he got arrested, and ironically out of all my siblings he was the only one who went down that path

    ..I’m actually glad he’s locked up because i feel had he remained out on the streets someone would have killed him because of his big intimidating stature (6’4 270lbs muscle) but i pray for Apollo’s family that prison life shit is hard to swallow…especially for the families…i’ll be following this to see how it plays out

      1. lol my bad didnt meant to bring the mood down i just felt compelled to share…these men (my bro included) live these lifestyles but they don’t think about the family until they’re booked…smh hopefully Apollo has learned his lesson…SN: i think Apollo is SO SO SEXY and i’m usually a fan of chocolate brothas but i love how he just oozes sex appeal especially when he’s kissing Phaedra lol

  3. It’s sad that he will miss the most important 8 years of his sons lives. I feel like if he were …umm…FAIR skinned his sentence wouldn’t have been as harsh. I know he could have received 30 years, which is much worse, but there are murderers walking the streets.

  4. I looked it up myself. I Googled it and in the federal system, a person must serve 85% of his sentence. 85% of 8 years is 6.8 years. .8 years is 9.6 months. If a month has 30 days, then .6 month is 18 days. So that’s 6 years, 9 months, 18 days at minimum and it may average about 87% with good behavior according to what I read. I’m sure that he,his wife and his attorney have done the calendar checking and calculations. I wonder if his wife will divorce him.

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