The Legend That Is Larry Fitzgerald Gets Naked

photosorry larry.
i had to use this pic…
well foxhole,

it has happened.
and surprisingly vixens have waited for this day.
the day baller wolf larry fitzgerald got big butt booty naked.
the internet has many dedicated sites to his butt cheeks.
ive even written an entry or two.
well he tastefully bared all for the 2014 espn body issue and well…

here is some quotes from the issue (hitting stands july 11th):

I’m kind of shy, to be honest. If I go to the pool or something, I keep my shirt on unless I’m getting in the water.

 My hair is a silent tribute to my mom. She passed away 11 years ago from breast cancer. She was always fond of my hair when I grew it out in high school. Every day I wake up in the morning, I can say, “Mom, I’m going to go out there and attack the day to the best of my ability.” Her voice is still on my voice mail. Her [driver’s] license is always with me — I keep it close at all times.

 I’ve gotten [my hair] pulled a couple of times, but nothing intentional. I try not to let anyone catch me from behind.

If you play football, there’s going to be a 100 percent injury rate. Something is going to be bothering you. So I just try to focus on the things that I can do to help my team.

I’ll be walking through the mall and someone will just grab my butt. I look back and it’s, like, some 65-year-old lady doing it. I’m like, “Ma’am, what are you doing?” “Uh, I just wanted to see what was there.”

oh_gifChess is a lot of fun for me. Football is a physical game, and in chess you can just beat someone mentally — you outwit somebody, outmaneuver them, think ahead of them.

Some of the best chess players in the world are in prison. They have nothing but time on their hands and are really talented. I’m very good at chess, and the last teammate I used to play with all the time was Edgerrin James. We had some epic battles back in the day. He had a couple relatives that were incarcerated — so that’s how he got good. But there’s nobody else I can really play with now.

I’m obsessed with my craft. I just want to squeeze every single drop out of the lemon that I possibly can. I don’t want to have any regrets, and to this point I can sleep at night.

awww i really like larry.
i didn’t know he lost his parent as well.
he always came off very humble and this interview proved it.
i do feel like…

larry is lowkey my body and booty inspiration.
well you know tumblr came with the gifs:

tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto2_500 tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto6_500 tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto3_500 tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto1_500 tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto4_500 tumblr_n8ejpl283e1r78dgto5_500well larry…
you have fulfilled a lot of people’s fantasies today.
i’m sure many of them can die happy now.
thank you.



larry fitzgerald was photographed by richard phibbs

15 thoughts on “The Legend That Is Larry Fitzgerald Gets Naked

  1. A beautiful young man with a beautiful nake muscle ass please keep up the good work you’ are one of the best players of 2016 your body is excellent

  2. Heard he ain’t into the brothas. Got a white dude he been kicking it with since college. My attention went left ever since I was told this.

    1. Larry is straight from what I know. Years earlier, he was involved in a domestic despite with his baby mama. He has a son.

      1. The baby mama is a beard. She with him for the money. He on the low with his though that’s all I’m gonna say.

  3. Thnak you Jamari…i have now seen the promised land. Alll is well soth the world. There zre no more problems or vice or malice. The world is now a better place because my eyes have seen the promised land, oh what a glorious day this is. Hallejuia , hallejuia, Lord what an ASSSSSSSSS…HAVE MERCY …..hmmmmmmmm

  4. I can’t believe this day is here, and props to the old lady who copped a feel.

  5. Ok, I’m in LaLa land at this moment b/c of this man amazing ass. Oh, I’m back. He has always been my secret crush..Thank you Larry!!!

  6. Lawwwwddd. The legend has finally been revealed!

    They didn’t even have to airbrush that thang for me. lol

  7. You can’t help but to love this dude and his amazing ass. I’d walk on hot rocks just to get one hit, just one, that’s all I need to fulfill my needs.

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