Kim Kardashian Squashes Some of Her Many Rumors

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 4.29.24 PMso as you know,
kim kardashian comes with a ton of rumors.
i mean where do we start?
well she took to twitter to address some rumors of 2014…
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FUCK 2014?

i said it.
“fuck 2014”.
well if we really want to be technical,
fuck 2012 and 2013 as well.
i’ve have had one trying year after another.
the bad definitely outweighed the good.
or did it?
i decided to look through my gratitude journal yesterday.
even though this year sucked ass,
and not in the way i hoped,
i did upgrade a few things…
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Tyga Looks Good (Wow, I Said That Outloud)

tumblr_navs8tu7M31rjnbj1o1_500now i’ve never found tyga attractive before.
it’s not that he is ugly or anything.
he never made my foxtail stand up.
well for some odd reason,
he looked good last night at the vmas.
especially in ^that picture.
don’t make this a habit.

Prince Fielder: The Big Beef

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.09.16 PMyou know what?
a lot of the foxhole love some big beef.
you are free to use that in your own context.
personally i like my meat a lot more lean,
but who am i to judge?
well a couple f-bi alerted me about mlb wolf for the texas rangers,
prince fielder.
well our beefy baller wolf for the 2014 body issue
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The Legend That Is Larry Fitzgerald Gets Naked

photosorry larry.
i had to use this pic…
well foxhole,

it has happened.
and surprisingly vixens have waited for this day.
the day baller wolf larry fitzgerald got big butt booty naked.
the internet has many dedicated sites to his butt cheeks.
ive even written an entry or two.
well he tastefully bared all for the 2014 espn body issue and well…
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