Tyga Looks Good (Wow, I Said That Outloud)

tumblr_navs8tu7M31rjnbj1o1_500now i’ve never found tyga attractive before.
it’s not that he is ugly or anything.
he never made my foxtail stand up.
well for some odd reason,
he looked good last night at the vmas.
especially in ^that picture.
don’t make this a habit.

10 thoughts on “Tyga Looks Good (Wow, I Said That Outloud)

  1. I’ve been crushing on Tyga. I gave no fucks about his hairline either. Still don’t. Although, he is little too boney but it looks good on him. Big Sean’s little tiny twink arm having self needs to hit the gym, asap.

    1. Nah, Sean looks small and petite with a fat ass and needs to stay that way.

      With it comes to an ass, the way it looks on the body frame is what makes it so great. My fellow Wolves can attest to this. Anyone can have a big booty, but not everyone has the perfect booty that complements their bodies. Big Sean, Trey Songz, Ben J, and Ray J are the perfect examples of men with small to medium frames with round, plump asses.

      1. Obviously I’m an ASS connoisseur if you’ve never seen my blog so yeah… I co-sign everything u stated in this comment.

        I would add Lloyd and Omarion to that list but I’m just being greedy for the cake.

        As for Tyga, I rarely post him. He has sex appeal and some nice features (lips, eyes etc) but I’m too distracted by his ugly tattoos and he def has NO ass whatsoever.

      2. Yea, you are most def. an ass connoisseur for sure, and I can tell Sean is one of your favs. I forgot about Lloyd, and he is most definitely stacked, he has been keeping a low profile tho.

      1. It’s ok. It happens to us all. Id fool around with him tho. I bet he can slob down a mean one with those lips.

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