I’m Starting To Like Taylor Swift (Wow, I Said That Outloud)

taylor-swift-feudsokay so i have a problem.
i’m starting to not dislike taylor swift.
i wasn’t even going to say that out loud.
i was actually going to keep it a secret for a while,
but i wanted to share my pain with the foxhole.
so i was minding my own business and saw gif’s of her twerking.
i was so confused and quite frank,
so i found out it was from a video called “shake it off” and well…

…and then my hands took me to the itunes store,
pressed “buy”,
and i’m listening to the single on repeat on the way to work today.
i know.
i know.
i really like the message in that song tho.
it is actually really positive.
then she performed it last night at the #vmas:

she is so awkward that its cute.
i never really cared for her before,
but she has been trying to win me over.
lord knows i was lowkey liking this song:

…but i was able to ignore it enough to not buy it.
i had will power and was proud of myself.
this new song tho…
i lost the battle.
what is happening to me?
what did i do to deserve this?
am i sick or something?
someone help me!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I’m Starting To Like Taylor Swift (Wow, I Said That Outloud)”

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about!! I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, but her songs are so catchy!! They are fun and just too hard not to sing along with. I’ve bought several of her singles, but not the entire album…lol I’m not going to do that any time soon, I hope!!

    1. wow I actually just watched that and it was hilarious. But anyway, I’m happy for you admitting you have a problem. J/k

      But seriously, a lot of ppl like manufactured pop music but in the black community if you admit it, I guess you’ret branded ‘wack’ or a ‘sell out’.

      In the generation we came up in (I’m assuming most of us are millenials, born post 1980) you were forced to hear Nsync, Britney and Christina, Avril Lavigne, etc back in the day via TRL or the internet. Everything started blending together so its reasonable to assume many of us have a guilty pleasure outside of our ‘normal’ comfort zone. I gives no fucks when I tell someone I enjoy a Taylor or Miley cut here and there.

      But Shake It Off is just OK for me. I have some issues w/ that music vid (esp the disturbing imagery of her crawling under the twerking dancer’s.) but that’s another discussion.

      1. I’m not a millenial but I have always enjoyed what my friends and family call “white music”. Whatever.
        Anyway, I make no excuses for the music I like. I tell anyone that comments on my taste…if you don’t like it, put your hands over your ears! LOL

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