I Want Him 2 Be Perfect (Like No Flaws. At All. Period. None.)

a disease that anyone can catch.
well your in luck.
it’s curable.
well for some anyway…

there is a certain peace you have when you drop that perfect shit.
you put all your cards on the table and say:

“this is me for who i am.
it gets no fuckin’ better than this.”

HvmwUthats sexy.
showing your pros and cons is sexy.
why do we wait to show who we really are?
well society is a bitch,
ain’t it?
could explain why relationships don’t last nowadays.
getting into a relationship with someone you barely know,
and finding out later on that they aren’t the person you thought they would be.
or is it “should be”?
god forbid you have kids with them.

i’m not perfect.
i tried and i realized i’m not about that life.
so instead of me trying to be something i wasn’t,
i let you know exactly what you’re gonna get.

sometime-y mood swings.
(yes i can be a real he-bitch when i want to be)
 emotions ‘n’ shit
(i cried the other night watching spider man 2.
like how the hell does that happen?)
35% big ass baby
(“even when the skies was grey,
you’d rub me on my back and say baby it’d be okay…”)

i have no shame.
i revealed to the world yesterday i liked a taylor swift song.
one i be about to hit the nae nae too.
no fucks to give either.
i know i’m in a better place when i fall in public,
bust my ass,
and can laugh while on the floor.
now thats skill.
the problem with people is they live in a bubble.
they want you to think they are absolutely perfect.
no flaws n all.
“they woke up like dis”.
see that’s the fuckin problem.
so we meet,
i like your dumb ass,
two weeks go by,
and then you want to reveal that you’re a fuckin’ alcoholic.

giphy-100worse that you’re not a nice person.
like at all.
you could be the lead antagonist in a disney flick.
the only upstanding you are is when your dick is going in and out of my mouth.

so i’ve decided to leave the perfectionism for the social media thots.
in order to fully glow,
you have to be honest and accept your flaws.
they honestly make you who you are.
if you someone else doesn’t accept you for them,
you know i don’t have to remind you how fast you need to close that door.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I Want Him 2 Be Perfect (Like No Flaws. At All. Period. None.)”

  1. “Tolerable” flaws is what MAKES a person, but the other party involved has to decide what’s tolerable for them. You might be able to deal with a compulsive lying narcissistic asshole, but I totally can’t deal.

  2. I do have flaws but I try to work on them or at least acknowledge them. I know I’m not perfect. If my s/o had a hard time dealing with my flaws, I’d try my hardest to become a better person for him. I don’t have an s/o right now and probably never will so peeps better stay the fuck out of my way with that bullshit. If my s/o has the same flaws then I hit the jackpot. We can be miserable assholes together. That’s more likely to never happen tho.

  3. OMG SpiderMan 2 had me teary. When that movie finish I have to listen to music when I’m sad. But I was listening to Minnie Riperton – Lovin You, holy shit. That song got me crying and just the thought of Gwen dying just completely broke my heart.

  4. No one is perfect, and that is not what I am looking for in a mate. We all have flaws, and flaws are not just things we can see and touch, other than physical ones people can have mental and character flaws that make them undesirable people to be around.

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