Tyga Looks Good (Wow, I Said That Outloud)

tumblr_navs8tu7M31rjnbj1o1_500now i’ve never found tyga attractive before.
it’s not that he is ugly or anything.
he never made my foxtail stand up.
well for some odd reason,
he looked good last night at the vmas.
especially in ^that picture.
don’t make this a habit.

Amber Rose: Turn Down 4 No One.

tumblr_nau5taoOSJ1qj3uuto1_500she borrowed toni braxton’s dress from “he wasn’t mad enough for me”.
am i mad,
i’m not even mad amber rose at the vmas!
she is definitely something of spirit animal making.
she looks good!

*picture courtesy to owner

Kanye West Is Going To Make Miley Cyrus A Black Skinhead (Her Dream?)

MILEYYEjust when i had an solid idea kanye lost his mind…
kanye and twerk team cyrus are allegedly teaming up for the remix of black skinheads.
i have no words…

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Kanye West Is Now Living Single

livingsingleremember khadijah,
and regine of living single?
well let’s introduce kanye west to the cast…

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Miley Cyrus Welcome To Black Twitter

eafd8af60e0211e39a6e22000a1fab27_7cynthia tho?!?!?
i was in tears for a good 5 minutes at that picture.
these below get honorable meme mentions…

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f0x swagg: My MTV VMAs Outfit Style Board

1800x1500…in my head.
so as you know,
i’m not attending the mtv vmas in brooklyn this year.
i tried but no cigar.
i felt kind of bummed about it,
but i decided to put my creativity to good use.
if this was a perfect situation,
and i had money to cop any outfit of my choice,
this is probably what i would have wore tonight…

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