f0x swagg: My MTV VMAs Outfit Style Board

1800x1500…in my head.
so as you know,
i’m not attending the mtv vmas in brooklyn this year.
i tried but no cigar.
i felt kind of bummed about it,
but i decided to put my creativity to good use.
if this was a perfect situation,
and i had money to cop any outfit of my choice,
this is probably what i would have wore tonight…

styleboardsomething smooth with a little kick to it.
i want all attention to the shoes.
no socks.
casual would be the first thing on my mind since this is the vmas.
i’d also be hitting up an after party right after so it def works.

tumblr_mdu2y3C3Rg1r0c8fno1_500my tipsy ass in vip…
i may even have added a fly scarf to tie on my belt strap just to compliment it,

but i opted for simple.
that wallet/phone carrier so it fits easy in my pocket.
i chose the acqua di gio scent because i always get compliments on that.
it’s a very crisp citrus-y scent bomb so it goes with what i’m trying to do.
yup thats it.

lowkey: of course in my head,
i wouldn’t be walking in that outfit either.
driver on deck all day.

12 thoughts on “f0x swagg: My MTV VMAs Outfit Style Board

  1. I’d wear the fuck out that outfit. I know I’ve said this before, but you have great style!

  2. I love those shoes.How do you get tickets for those awards shows? Lottery system? Off topic TMZ is reporting Lamar Odom is on Crack and has been MIA for 72 hrs.RUN Kanye take North West and get away from the family LOL

    1. ^you can buy tickets off ticketmaster.
      horrible seats tho.
      good seats require connects,
      know the artists,
      or people who work in entertainment.
      you can get tickets to be a seat filler through iota.com as well.
      more than likely,
      a ton of people who show up for that and it’s if you get lucky to seat fill in the front row.
      they ask best dressed or pretty vixens to get those seats.
      the last time it was in ny,
      i went through an industry connect.
      watching kanye hop on that stage and take that mic from taylor swift was even better in person lol

  3. Fantasizing can be fun, and it’s free! This morning, while buying the Sunday paper, I became enthralled with the cover of this magazine on new kitchens and bought it so I can dream about it, even though there are a zillion things on the priority list before a new kitchen.

  4. outfit fly. i hope you bring a condom too. someone would have tried to get some of that ass tonight.

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