If President Barack Obama Was Dark, He’d Be A General Manager at Chick-fil-a

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.25.48 PMwell thank god for him being a redbone!
if he had tatts he probably would be a bigger sex symbol.
i keed.
i had to take a moment to post this real quick.
j cole was asked about the light skin/dark skin battle of video vixens.
he also mentioned that barack obama would not be president if he was dark.
do you disagree?…

tumblr_morfaqsniX1swsf8eo1_500“That brainwashing that tells us that light skin is better, it’s subconsciously in us, whether we know it or not, still pursuing light skin women.”

“There are some women out there that are like, ‘I don’t even like light skin men’ and that’s fine. But Barack Obama would not be President if he were dark skin.”

“You know what I mean? That’s just the truth.”

“I might not be as successful as I am now if I was dark skin. I’m not saying that for sure, I’m still as talented as I am and Obama is still as smart as he is, but it’s just a sad truth.”

i seriously detect no lies in his statement.
light skin = non threatening.
*runs before the race war stans go nuts*
well wait j.
kendrick is dark skinned and successful in hip hop.
so is a$ap rocky and lil wayne.
hell lil wayne got damn near 10 baby mamas off his dark skin.
biggie and pac were also dark.
it has more to do with talent than skin color in hip hop.
how many successful light skin rappers are there?
i’ll wait.

source: the hollywood gossip

23 thoughts on “If President Barack Obama Was Dark, He’d Be A General Manager at Chick-fil-a

  1. It depends on life experiences, in the real world race matters, what differs is the experiences we all have and had that impact the depth at which it affects us. If you’ve been in many situation that highlight peoples racist undertones J coles’ statement makes sense.

    Looking at rap stars such as lil wayne and that gang and R&B and stars like beyonce and rihanna you all have to understand the actual appeal of the music to none blacks, its a sign of defiance against their parents and their cultural assimilation through socialization. I mean look at the Temptations and other popular black artist of the 60’s generation, whites loved that kind of music as it was risky endearing different so has anything changed in 40 years.

    I love me obama but even i could say he passes the brown bag test and to top it of he speaks eloquent.

    Remember during slavery lighter skinned Africans were seen as more civilize and were made into house slaves while darker counterparts were placed in the fields.

    In closing if you live life in sunshine with a few scattered showers could you identify with people who have witness a hurricane, or could they truly relate to you.

    1. @Kinky

      No disrespect but the whole light skin = house nigger and dark skin = field nigger is a farce. Ask Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.

      I do agree that slave masters wanted their house slaves as non-threatening as possible, though. But they didn’t have to pass the paper bag test to live in the big house.

  2. I have to agree and disagree. First of it dosent matter what shade of black you are your still black. Second of all skin color is only a matter because in our history the light skinned had different treatment than dark skinned. But that was in the past in this day and age it’s not so much the skin hue but the way the person carries them self. Example light skinned that may have an intimidating presence is The Game (no tea no shade) a dark skinned person that doesn’t have an intimidating presence is Tyler the Creator. It’s all on how the person is portrayed in the media. S/N white people judge them selves on who is tan or not so it basically the same ….. Kind of lol

    1. If that was in the past then the Trayvon Martin thing never would’ve happened.I don’t find Tyler the Creator intimidating but I do find him immature/childish and wouldn’t want to be around him for that reason.I don’t really find Game intimidating either, he seems like teddy bear that puts up a gangster front because he’s from a tough neighborhood.Finding Game intimidating would be like saying Winnie the Pooh is a ferocious wild bear.A thugged out Winnie the Pooh with tats though.

      1. That’s what we see but the media portrays a different picture. And there are hundreds of Travon Martin cases that weren’t publicized …. That had the same results unfortunately

  3. Well, if Obama were black he wouldn’t be President. He’s mixed, mulatto or biracial. He’s not black. And he’s not African American. African Americans are the descendants of Africans who were enslaved and brought to America. Obama’s not that. He’s Kenyan-Irish American or Irish-Kenyan American. He’s not African American.

    And yes, if he were dark-complected, he’d not be President. Black and white Americans discriminate against dark people! We see it every day!

    1. African-American isn’t exclusive to being descendants of slaves.I don’t get it, those slaves were still African/from Africa so what’s with the separation.I still consider myself to be the same as those from Africa.You even said “Africans who were enslaved and brought to America” so what makes them (homegrown)Africans not able to call themselves African-American?Also, Obama called himself the first black President, we did not.Obama wasn’t raised by his dad because “Poppa was a rolling stone” who wasn’t there to pride him on being Kenyan.I know Africans are raised to identify more with their Nationality/ethnicity and not their skin color like we have to do here, but that’s not our fault.So I can see why Obama would say AA over Kenyan.He has referred to himself as a mutt as well but not the first mixed President.With America’s history I wouldn’t be too surprised if there already was one and we just didn’t know it because they hid it and were passing.

      1. The difference is that Africans, that have the ability to identify with their culture, will never call themselves African American. They consider it an insult and will correct you immediately if you are to identify them as such. They identify with where they are from i.e. Nigerian, Ghanian, Liberian, and will always consider themselves only African regardless if they are here. African Americans do not have the privilege to identify where our origins are, we call all still say were from Africa, yet none of us can go back to a direct village or city and find our ancestors and trace them back hundreds of years. We do not participate in the same cultures and rituals that have been past down thru generations, cannot speak their languages and cannot assimilate AND after typing this I realized you answered your own question…smh I’m slow sometimes…

      2. Also its no better in Africa then here, skin lightening creams and mixing your blood with lighter skinned races is a popular thing. They actually hold Americans in a higher esteem then their own sometimes depending on where you are in Africa.

      3. By definition African Americans are the descendants of Africans who were enslaved and brought to America. The ancestors or African Americans come from west and southwest Africa–as far north as Senegal and as far south as Angola. They are called “African Americans” because their exact lineage and to what country is not known because of slavery. That is, they are not Senegalize Americans, Angolan Americans, Congolese Americans, Nigerian Americans, etc. because the lack of the tracing of the links and although DNA testing would show their links to many or several such countries. Recent immigrants from Africa–after slavery–are Nigerian Americans, Congolese Americans, Angolan American, Senegalize Americans, etc.

        They have a different history and culture than African Americans because of the history of 250 years of slavery and 100 years of Jim Crow that African Americans endured and suffered through. Nigerian Americans, Congolese Americans, Angolan American, Senegalize Americans, etc. did not endure. So they are not African Americans.

        Now, Obama is of Kenyan and Irish descent. So logically, he’s Kenyan-Irish American or Irish-Kenyan American and not African American. He is not descendant from African Slaves that were brought to America. Other blacks in America that are not African American include Cuban Americans, Venezuealan Americans, Jamaican Americans, Bahamaian Americans, etc. Not all blacks in America are African Americans–far from it.

  4. LL Cool J…WIll Smith…T.I…Swizz Beats is debatable…Ice T….Common…Drake…Salt from Salt n Pepper….Queen Latifa maybe….I cant think of anymore…

      1. lol but in contrast to other areas of entertainment, “dark” skinned men are more successful in the rap industry.

      2. dark skin to me doesn’t seem threatening, I think its the facial features that dark skin men tend to have that make them seem threatening, because they’re not mixed as much as someone who is lighter. Darker men seem more masculine (to me at least) because their features are more dominant.

      3. You’re right about that.That’s the reason you see so many white bodybuilders with a tan/bronze skin.Darker skin can show parts unseen by their bright skin colors so they get spray tanned/brown for competitions and they look stupid as hell with a dark body and a light head.

  5. I disagree.I find Obama’s demeanor to be non-threatening.I think if he had darker skin but still acted the exact same way he does, then he’d be elected.It’s true that for some people. it’s inherent in their mind that light skin equals good.For some reason, white people like to make a person’s skin darker because they think it makes them more threatening.Which is weird because they have light/white skin and look at all the atrocities they’ve committed the past A few year ago they showed in a magazine that the editors decided to make OJ Simpson’s skin darker because they wanted him to appear more threatening.Also, I live in a small town, the majority is white.Before Obama was elected the people who run the newspaper here decided to darken Obama’s skin.They assumed when (white)people saw his skin color that it’d make them not vote for him.It’s a sad fact of reality but some people are proud of being discriminatory.Especially because the word preference helps save them the time of breaking down their mental state.

    People are weird.I think all skin colors are attractive, from the darkest to the palest.Humans love to make someone feel left out or ugly.

    I must also mention and this is something I’ve said to my bro many times.If one more rapper says the “I want a red bone with long hair” line again, I’m gonna scream.I can’t remember how many have said it but it’s annoying.Every video vixen in there videos looks the same.They all look like a bunch of Kim Kardashian rejects.But my God if rappers don’t learn a new line already.How unoriginal can you be.Do all you niggas really like the same type of woman.Ugh…That’s why I agree with him on some parts of what he said.We are sub-consciously more accepting of lighter skin over darker skin.My light skin cousin talks so much shit about not wanting dark kids and my dark skin cousin always says he wishes he was light skin.

    He’s wrong to try and put it all on black men though.Black women do it just as much.

  6. I’ve been around racist white people, and it doesn’t matter if your light or dark, you’re black so they hate you the same either way. So I disagree

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