barack obama sets trump on fire

one of my home-wolves told me he might vote for trump.
i felt my hand rise up to slap him even tho we were on the phone.

“I don’t know anything about Biden.
At least we know about Trump…”

i slapped and dropped an anvil on his head in my mind.
barack obama is the greatest ex we ever had.
i’m saying it.
we didn’t agree with some of his polices,
but when you can make a speech like this
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Our President Is Still Black, But Officially Gone

that was obama saying goodbye to his home of 8 years.
such a beautiful shot from pete souza.

so i was a mess today at work.
the office was also high on emotions.
everyone kept busy,
but there was that underlying sadness in the air.
even though i didn’t agree with a lot of the things he did,
or had a lot of questions,
barack and michelle obama got my tears today.
i tried my hardest to contain them,
but this part of the programming is what really floored me…
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When You Are The Cocky Hyena In A Really Big Fuckin’ Forest

7908396_donald-trump-dogwhistles-scalia-death-conspiracy_225a4d05_mthey always say those who are the cockiest are the softest ones.
all that cockiness is usually a mask for something else.
well for newly elected “that title”,
donald trump,
i kinda expect him to be cocky at all times.
i expect him to be a presence when he walks in a room.
when he met with obama to talk transitioning into the white house today tho…
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Barack Obama Ain’t Did Nothing As President?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640i remember when barack obama was voted into the white house.
the first time.
i remember seeing all my people jumping for joy,
and recording themselves losing their minds.
i was moved to the point of tears.
well it seems those opinions may have changed in 2016 now he is leaving.
many of those same animals views are now:

“obama ain’t did shit for us”

even mr “vote or die”,
he flat out said obama shortchanged us.
this is what he said via hiphop dx
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What Has Barack Obama Done For Us Lately?

tumblr_m2f6pn8cB91r6xdnjo1_5001111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111well i didn’t ask.
^he did.
i guess he regrets that “vote or die” campaign.
i still have the shirt.
anyway so diddy had an interview where criticized president barack obama.
i mean he has a mixtape and a new album coming out.
i’m sure he has to generate some kind of buzz.
anyway this is what he told hot 97 via nme
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