When Your President Still Has To Show Up For Jury Duty

i’m being petty.
so our president barack obama had jury duty today in chicago…

this would have been me if i was there:

i know those people were shocked af.
i love how he works the room.
he acknowledged everyone and gave handshakes.
the swagg on him is ridiculous.
i bet when trump goes back to the real forests,
he won’t leave the crib.

lowkey: another example when the stress is lifted off you…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When Your President Still Has To Show Up For Jury Duty”

  1. The way things are now man… honestly bro… Jamari… I would have shed real tears at the thought of seeing him, meeting him and being able to shake his hand. It seems like a life time ago that he was the president.

  2. I remember when he came to my city. Everyone was shook. You should have seen the look on the black folks faces. It was like Christmas for them. I’m not into politics but it something interesting with meeting folks that others admire.

    I don’t even like Beyonce but if I met her in person (not at a concert but just in general and conversation) I’d be like Wow..it’s really her.

    It’s always good to get to know folks in person so you can get a sense of how they really are as people. You gain a much better respect for them.

    Seeing Obama is def a sight to see..(including his body guards.)

  3. Our president is and will always be outstanding in our lives and others to come.I can not wait until the history books are updated to include him in it as the greatest.

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