The Hate Crime of Being Beaten and Stripped Naked for Facebook Live

joe budden once said it’s hard to commit a crime or cheat nowadays.
our advanced technology does good in that sense.
can i tell you how much i love idiot jackals and hyenas tho?
i love the ones who broadcast their crimes on social media the most.
just leaving a trail of stupidity for the police.
everyone have the displeasure of meeting ^this idiot,
trevon lee godbolt.
he decided to get recorded committing a hate crime on facebook live.
a f-bi sent me the story before they caught him via mlive

The “hate crime” occurred the evening of Saturday, Nov. 4, in the city of Muskegon Heights, said Police Chief Joseph E. Thomas Jr.

“They beat him up because he’s gay,” Thomas said.

The 18-year-old suspect is Trevon Lee Godbolt, who also is known as Trevon Lee Taylor, Thomas said.

The disturbing video shows the 17-year-old being beaten while at least one other person is using a phone to video record. The victim asks his attacker to “please stop,” as the suspect identified as Godbolt repeatedly asks “Why you on this gay s—?” The victim is repeatedly called derogatory terms as he is beaten.

At the end he is forced to strip naked and is allowed to run off. Women can be heard laughing and yelling “catch him.”

Thomas said he believes in addition to Godbolt, there was another man and two women involved.

“We’re going to be investigating this fully,” Thomas said. “All participants are going to have a hard time.”

The victim was lured to the area of Edgewood School where he was assaulted, he said.

The prosecutor’s office has authorized two counts against Godbolt: unarmed robbery and unlawful imprisonment. They carry harsher penalties – up to 15 years — than assault, Thomas said.

The prosecutor’s office also reviewed an ethnic intimidation charge or some other hate crime, but the state does not have a criminal statute covering assaults based on sexual orientation, according to a press release from Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson’s office.

Thomas said he had contacted the FBI, which has expressed an interest in pursuing the case federally.

“We’re not going to let this go. We’re going to hunt him down,” Thomas said of Godbolt.

Thomas said he received a phone call at 8:30 p.m. Nov. 4 from a citizen saying a naked man was in front of a church at Summit Avenue and Howden Street. A responding officer found the teen walking into a home in the area, he said.

“He was going into his aunt’s house and he was in the nude,” Thomas said. “He was naked.”

The victim was incoherent and taken to the hospital for treatment, the chief said.

The following morning, Nov. 5, the chief was sent a copy of the video that was posted on Facebook.

“We join the community of Muskegon County in expressing our outrage over this senseless act of violence,” the press release from the prosecutor’s office states. “We will work to protect this particular victim and any other victim that is targeted because of his or her sexual identity or orientation.”

i bet they lured him from a sex site to rob him.
according to recent updates,
a silent observer ( x sent in a tip ) that caught the main idiot jackal on camera.
he needs to do his due diligence and out the others involved.
this story is sickening.
i’m glad most of these narcissists love a document their crimes.
they always put on a great performance that leads them to getting caught.
i’m praying for everyone involved is rounded up,
stripped naked,
and made to pick up trash on the highway.

lowkey: you really gotta be a good fighter to escape that.
i can only imagine how out numbered he was.
gotta fight for your life.

article cc | see video: mlive

4 thoughts on “The Hate Crime of Being Beaten and Stripped Naked for Facebook Live

  1. The nerve of people to do such an act. I know how e feels I was attacked myself. It can be a horrific experience according to how you’re treated. I hope the authorities find and prosecute them!

  2. I just posted on here about a fool running naked in jockstrap and now more foolishness. I digress. Humanity Insanity. Sigh. Let me get up and go cook me something before I head to bed. I have to give your site props Jamari. I don’t watch television so even things I find crazy I wouldn’t know about. Hell when you post some of them celebs, I don’t be knowing wtf they be til I read up on them. Lol.

  3. Hope they find all involved, Jail them, and they get a just reward behind bars for what they did to this young man. What are these idiots thinking when they do these crimes. I hope the young man is ok. and get the help he needs to move past this senseless crime.

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