they did not have to do iyanna dior like this

while we are fighting for justice for george floyd,
breonna taylor,
and ahmed aubrey,
there was another story that disturbed me.
it was from iyanna dior.
she is a trans vixen who was viciously assaulted for a fender bender.
the following video is extremely graphic
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The Hate Crime of Being Beaten and Stripped Naked for Facebook Live

joe budden once said it’s hard to commit a crime or cheat nowadays.
our advanced technology does good in that sense.
can i tell you how much i love idiot jackals and hyenas tho?
i love the ones who broadcast their crimes on social media the most.
just leaving a trail of stupidity for the police.
everyone have the displeasure of meeting ^this idiot,
trevon lee godbolt.
he decided to get recorded committing a hate crime on facebook live.
a f-bi sent me the story before they caught him via mlive
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Grindr + Horny + Unemployed = Bring Ya Pistol

tumblr_n3n66qxsMh1rj71puo4_400i bet your tail you sit up if something like ^that hit you up.
since the economy is so bad these days,

and the republikkkans turned off unemployment,
a lot of riff raff will be doing “riff raff like” behavior.
innocent people on various social media platforms.
“stick you for ya cream and ya riches
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all those rich bitches” – no time, lil kim.
i mean we have talked about the dangers of grindr on many occasions,
but it seems to never get old.
an f-bi sent me a story of a grindr hook up gone completely wrong…
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The New Battered Face of Domestic Violence

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 7.46.48 PMthis girl’s story literally depressed me today.
i could not even…
so everyone meet gabriella.
she is an aspiring actress/model who i’m sure all the wolves love.
i’m sure cute ones like i have featured on here.
well she let the wrong wolf into her life and this happened.
(very graphic photos btw)…
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f0xmail: I’m Dating A Professional Fighter and I Only Want Him To Hit Below My Waist.

Hey J,
I have to tell you that i met this wolf and Ive been talking to him for a couple of weeks now… and he told me that he is a professional fighter, so I looked him up and turns out he’s the real deal. Hes not married or anything but he has a daughter. He is a sweet guy and all, but Im kinda hesitant with dating someone that can beat my ass with his pinky o_O…. Due to his celebrity i cannot disclose who he is, but do you think I should go further with him. Btw we havent had sex yet, you know I dont do one stands…. But the thing is Im just a little hesitant on dating a FIGHTER, I would have to deal with seeing him after fights with a swollen face and a bloody nose bruises scratches. IDK Im having mixed feeling here…SMH
Let me know what you think about it.