f0xmail: I’m Dating A Professional Fighter and I Only Want Him To Hit Below My Waist.

Hey J,
I have to tell you that i met this wolf and Ive been talking to him for a couple of weeks now… and he told me that he is a professional fighter, so I looked him up and turns out he’s the real deal. Hes not married or anything but he has a daughter. He is a sweet guy and all, but Im kinda hesitant with dating someone that can beat my ass with his pinky o_O…. Due to his celebrity i cannot disclose who he is, but do you think I should go further with him. Btw we havent had sex yet, you know I dont do one stands…. But the thing is Im just a little hesitant on dating a FIGHTER, I would have to deal with seeing him after fights with a swollen face and a bloody nose bruises scratches. IDK Im having mixed feeling here…SMH
Let me know what you think about it.


let’s hope he is always the winner.
when a baller wolf comes into our lives and shows interest,
we get wrapped up in the money and the swagg.
others get pinned under the pressures of some bomb pipe.
depending on his career,
which happens to be an athlete,
there can be consequences.

lost games.
mood swings.
dropped from the team.

your baller wolf happens to be a fighter.
you always want him to beat your shit up,
not beat you up.
this is the time you ask him about his past relationships.
has he ever been abusive?
does he ever take his work home with him?
he can say, “naw baby, i never hit nobody.
and although he is looking at you with the puppy dog eyes,
his ex has a different story.look for signs.
watch how he reacts when he gets mad at something small.
pay attention to how he speaks to you when he is mad.
address any issues up front that may make you uncomfortable.
if he violates anything that is within your comfort zone: LEAVE.
i always say that a person knows who they can and can’t fuck with.
YOU always need to make sure that you stand your ground.
people have a habit of testing you the first time they met you.
they want to see how much they can get away with.
do not be “that” fox/wolf/hybrid.
always let a nigga know….
you got a little crazy hidden in your inner glove compartment.

when he does have a fight and he comes home looking like this:
this is when you get the ice, raw meat, and your massage oil.
this is when you rub his feet,
stroke his head,
press the ice on his face,
put the raw meat on his lip (get your mind out the gutter),
and you sit in silence or let him vent.
he lost.
no need to remind him.
just be there for him.
cook him a meal and make him feel like a winner.
shit, he may beat the brakes off your ass later.
now if he won…
award him some great throat for his victory!
hope this helped!

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m Dating A Professional Fighter and I Only Want Him To Hit Below My Waist.

  1. If this fighter wants to have a relationship and he ask this individual to keep things cool why not. All gay men are not out to bust someone or to expose them. Only these trashy ones and drama creating persons are out to destroy and give the life a negative outlook…

  2. these gay boys and the stories of dating a celebrity or attending “industry” events. yall seriously need to take ya lying asses to balleralert at least those women get air time

  3. Great advice Dear Abby…oops Dear Foxi. Have you ever thought about doing that professionally. Because there are a lot of flaky ass wolves, foxes and hybrids that need some good advice.

  4. Keep continuing to take things slow and keep a close eye on him but I doubt you will hurt you. He’ll be more of a protector for you if than anything. Let him know that you will not be taking shit from him though.

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