f0xmail: I’m Dating A Professional Fighter and I Only Want Him To Hit Below My Waist.

Hey J,
I have to tell you that i met this wolf and Ive been talking to him for a couple of weeks now… and he told me that he is a professional fighter, so I looked him up and turns out he’s the real deal. Hes not married or anything but he has a daughter. He is a sweet guy and all, but Im kinda hesitant with dating someone that can beat my ass with his pinky o_O…. Due to his celebrity i cannot disclose who he is, but do you think I should go further with him. Btw we havent had sex yet, you know I dont do one stands…. But the thing is Im just a little hesitant on dating a FIGHTER, I would have to deal with seeing him after fights with a swollen face and a bloody nose bruises scratches. IDK Im having mixed feeling here…SMH
Let me know what you think about it.