straight folks are embracing gay roles for the trend?

k michelle says things and i’m like:


i saw that come down my timeline and was kinda confused.
when i hear straight folks say they are gay roles,
i’m like what does mean exactly?
what do we do with this information?

when a straight male proclaims he is a “power (top) wolf“…

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You Were Born To Be On the Bottom

from a young age,
i knew i wanted to be a bottom (fox).
i had an attraction to wolves as a cub,
but at the time,
i knew i wanted to be “the wife”.
i was a cub so that’s how i described it.
when it came to what i liked,
it never changed.
i had a strong affinity to the man’s man.
with dating vixens,
it was preconditioned i was “that male i was attracted to”,
but it didn’t come natural because i yearned for something more.
well as more studies come out about the gay life,
the more i may have been onto something.
researchers have discovered why some of us like being:

bottoms (foxes)
TOPS (wolves)
versatile ( HYbrids )

according to an article a foxholer sent me from aazah
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Some Choose To Have Their Pound Cakes Spread While Others Pound Em

lay down,
spread em,
legs back,
turn around,
face down,
tail up,
repeat… maybe?
the role of the fox.
all for the sake of pleasure and pleasing.
don’t you love it?

x whats a fox?

in this lifestyle,
it seems being a fox is like being a serial killer.
you feed the neighborhood rats with body parts.
when you choose to receive instead of give,
or do both,
it opens up for many opinions and criticism.
“why you…”
“ugh i mean…”
“what the…”

tumblr_mlha0qpVho1qbtzbno1_500 when the wolves look down <<<<<
like who you plan on fuckin’, negro?
it kills me the mass hysteria it creates that i had to ask…

Whats the big deal with being a fox?

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Had A Balls… Well, His Balls.

funny_wedding_cake_toppers17last night i had sex with my wife.
i haven’t had none in a while.
maybe pussy would help?
i brought her to my bedroom,
where i proceeded to beat that pussy down for 2 rounds..

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This Baller Wolf Fucked Me Like A Two Cent Hoe!

i love the vixen’s over at baller alert.
i usually get more info about whose the hot new baller wolf on the scene,
plus the stories they have usually keeps me glued to my screen.
i hope to get like them one day with a legion of foxes,
and hyrbids sending me in their tales.
today’s story is about:

tumblr_ml4gjwfKuR1qbmwkbo1_500nick young and a vixen who wanted some cash before he dug in her ass.
she claims she didn’t get the right payment her pussy is worth…

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f0xmail: “Dirty Rotten Scandals” Starring The Dicktator

i just got an email about this industry wolf jackal here:

577732_346751455394300_2048256935_nthey wanted to stay anonymous.
i couldn’t add too many details.

i won’t lie.
it was pretty damn juicy

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