This Baller Wolf Fucked Me Like A Two Cent Hoe!

i love the vixen’s over at baller alert.
i usually get more info about whose the hot new baller wolf on the scene,
plus the stories they have usually keeps me glued to my screen.
i hope to get like them one day with a legion of foxes,
and hyrbids sending me in their tales.
today’s story is about:

tumblr_ml4gjwfKuR1qbmwkbo1_500nick young and a vixen who wanted some cash before he dug in her ass.
she claims she didn’t get the right payment her pussy is worth…

Nick Young wasn’t the first celebrity I’ve came across. Well, specifically he’s the dumbest but far the richest from my observations.  I remember seeing him on media takeout when his longtime girlfriend and Teyana Taylor got into a little tussle so I tweeted about it and of course he was tagged. Immediately after my tweet he searched for my Face book and began to message me. My thoughts, this was odd but whatever. Nick and I carried very brief conversations but nothing to be excited about. We continued to share Face book messages for about 6 months before he ask for my number. He mentioned that he had a game in ATL and wanted to hangout.  I gave him a fake internet number. We chatted for a long time yet I was skeptical not knowing if it was actually him or his fat ass friend in all his pictures. I was not in ATL during his first visit to town instead we chatted on and off for probably once or twice a week for six months. Once again he was back in town, this particular time my intention was to stand him up but during practice he injured his knee!

Less than a month later, Nick informed me that he was going to be in Atlanta for a game right after my birthday (What a surprise). (Fast forward) the day he made it in he contacted me around lunch time saying he wanted to hang out! INTENTIONALLY I KNEW HE WANTED TO F***! I just wasn’t sure how he was going about it. I told him I’ll come after I get my hair done. I hit him back around 12am. He had a lil attitude tossing a hissy fit claiming my hair shouldn’t take so long around this time he accompanied his teammate at the club and explained he wouldn’t make it back in till 2am! He contacted me while headed back to his room at the Ritz!  I took my time coming and I didn’t make it till around 3:30ish. When I arrived he met me down stairs in the lobby! He is a lot thicker in person and a lot more attractive than his goofy ass pictures. My panties got wet in my jeans hugging all my curves. I tried carrying out a conversation but my allergies where killing me so my voice was damn near gone. We finally made it to his room and it was a hot damn mess! Not like it bothered me any, as long as his d*** wasn’t dirty! When we first walked in he plops on the bed and a grown ass man turned straight into a damn 5 year old within seconds! He laid on the bed covering his eyes saying he’s tired and had the audacity to still complain about my hair!

Then no more than 5min later…So what’s up (the sex question) Dumb answer! (You tell me) At this point it was obvious he wasn’t willing to be the seducer, so of course I had to take on the role allergies and all. I dropped my pants to the sexy lingerie piece from Fredrick’s of Hollywood!  Nick’s eye were instantly glued to my 43 inch ass. I climbed on the bed and sucked his d*** which was hard as hell. I would say 9inches pushing a10! Let’s say his d*** was thick and long! Perfect! His d*** tasted amazing. I could suck his d*** all day but since he wasn’t paying all my bills that wasn’t an option. He kept pulling away! Groaning repeating OMG while I devoured his d***! He reached for a condom and told me he wanted some p****. My walls cringed at the sight of his d***! He told me to turn around and held my waist while he pounded me in the doggy position! He lasted less than a minute! At this moment my p**** felt numb and full!

I wasn’t ok at this moment. He f***** me like a 2 cent hoe and didn’t have a problem showing it! He got up and rinsed off in the bathroom explain he had good news and bad news! Good news he wasn’t expecting it to be good! Bad news he was tired and wanted to go to bed! I already tossed my clothes on while he was washing off in the bathroom. I didn’t feel right and I didn’t want to extend my stay after all I was getting kicked out anyway! With our 30 min extravaganza I got my keys and prepared to walk out he passed me 300 bucks and claimed it was gas money! I couldn’t help but laugh! 300 dollars was Mc Donald change! Me just turning 23 Im doing extremely well for myself without the credit card scams and strip club like the rest of these b****** in Atlanta! He treated me as if i courted him like some night club hooker! After a year of talking and this??? Hell I would’ve charged a tad bit more and got my money in the beginning of i would’ve known He was going to treat my like a prostitute Never would i agree to 300 dollars! At this moment I wanted to kick his tall ass but I held back and we shared a church hug! No reservations to see each other later! just a simple goodbye! The 300 was a joke to me! Especially since his baby mama looks like a burnt gremlin and his girl look like a tranny on steroids with a f***** up weave! I’d assume he would at least turned out a tad bit logical about this! ! like my theory! you pay me to keep my mouth closed! not make my way 3 miles up the road! F*** u nick!


649so what the problem is?
she got some good pipe and some cash.
sure it was 300,
but he coulda gave her 30 for gas money.
sounds like a win to me.
me thinks she wanted more than she is leading on.
she wanted to lock that pipe down because it was nba pipe.
she said:

“he was better lookin than his pics”
“her pussy creamed in her jeans”.
add on “had a girlfriend”

sounds like she was feeling him.
seems he just wanted the pussy.
he got it and moved on.
she knew what the deal was.
what the problem is?

first issue: you should have hung out with him in the day.
second issue: you did your hair to go see a baller wolf at 3am?
third issue: she knew he wanted to fuck.

so again i ask for the last time…
what the problem is?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “This Baller Wolf Fucked Me Like A Two Cent Hoe!”

  1. “aye i swaggy aint none of tthem” wtf. Dont they teach these niggas english?

    Basic hos for basic niggas. Who says “so wassup” at 3am with a chick in your room? How he gonna say he did not know and then gave her $300? Them 2 deserve each other

  2. She had no game. A woman with game wouldn’t have fucked him the first time they met. They know how to string men along and keep them wanting more until they get every single thing they want.

    I know some real maneaters.

    She got played like a $2 hoe because she acted like one.

  3. Maybe it takes a more whorish fox to know. By no means is that me, but my good fox friend just clued me in that the disrespect is that shes wasn’t a basic bitch, clearly she meet the requirements to fuck and get the nutt off for whatever reason. So dont pay her like one, at least trick off 1.5k then its like damn he respects this pussy.

  4. she did not play that nigger right she was suppose to put on her hooker heels get his dick hard and leave. ballers want what they can’t have oh and always indicate he could not handle her anyway she would have least gotten 20000 in gifts and cash. jump offs

  5. I always thought he was cute, but you got to do better Nick. Less than a minute? Damn. I’m mad for her. Bless her heart lol.

    I kind of see why she is angry in a way. The fact that he didn’t last for a while made her mad, and also because he only gave her 300. They didn’t fuck long, so at the end she got enough money. I blame her cause these groupies and jump-offs gotta learn.

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