Yeah I Said You Were “A Dumb Ass Biatch” Before, But Now We Like Family.

tumblr_mp6nm6DzLe1sy7uzvo1_500i always say you don’t know when its your time.
by “time”,
when greatness will touch down on your life.
sure right now you maybe down and out,
but you never know when god will make it #bowdown season”.
twitter is what i like to call: “the devil”.
when we know no one important is really watching,
we go in on celebs or whoever.
we can’t always watch what we say,
or who we say it about,
because we all talk about people.
it’s life.
these following rappers did before they “made it”.
how funny that some of them had to associate with those they talked about…

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Who’s Yo Daddy? Huh? Who Is It?……. Uh You Maybe? I Dunno.

KERRYRdaddyi wouldn’t mind calling kerry rhodes “daddy”.
has a nice ring to it.
in a twist that i didn’t see coming,
allegedly he might be kim k’s baby daddy.
stop laughing!
you have to read the rest!
bossip has it and well…

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Desperately Seeking Relevance?


i guess we can expect this every month.
anyway in my absence,
you guys were on it as usual.
had about 20 emails in my box about this.
even some mentions on twitter.
i watched the video that peanut leaked for the first time this morning.
and well…

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The Bullying Of Kerry Rhodes Continues From Pepe Le’ Peanut

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.35.11 AMi’m in a happy mood today.
i’ll post on that later.
anyway just when i thought my kerry was in the clear,
some new shots of the great peanut and him surfaced.
an f-bi just sent me a re-up of the new pics from balleralert

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as you know,
nfl draft 2013 has happened.

2013-draft-logo-storywhen a young pre baller wolf grows into a baller wolf.
isn’t it exciting?
smells like new money and success sex in the air this weekend.
i wish i was the lucky fox to receive it.
in due time.
baller alert put together a list of all the new meat for the foxhole.


Wendy Williams Cracks Peanut’s Face

peo11-g0gkm92l-1wendy-williamswho knew wendy williams would be #teamkerry?
back on the radio,
wendy williams use to out people left and right.
i guess things have changed now that she is getting that television check.
anyway she had things to say about this kerry and peanut scandal…

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