Yeah I Said You Were “A Dumb Ass Biatch” Before, But Now We Like Family.

tumblr_mp6nm6DzLe1sy7uzvo1_500i always say you don’t know when its your time.
by “time”,
when greatness will touch down on your life.
sure right now you maybe down and out,
but you never know when god will make it #bowdown season”.
twitter is what i like to call: “the devil”.
when we know no one important is really watching,
we go in on celebs or whoever.
we can’t always watch what we say,
or who we say it about,
because we all talk about people.
it’s life.
these following rappers did before they “made it”.
how funny that some of them had to associate with those they talked about…

Screenshot20130624at9.21.50PM Screenshot20130624at9.47.01PM Screenshot20130625at9.20.05AM

Screenshot20130624at8.36.13PM Screenshot20130624at8.36.29PM Screenshot20130624at8.35.55PM Screenshot20130624at8.35.55PM-1 Screenshot20130625at9.19.33AM Screenshot20130624at8.52.45PM Screenshot20130624at9.21.35PM Screenshot20130624at9.32.14PM Screenshot20130625at9.19.04AM Screenshot20130625at9.19.16AM-1 Screenshot20130625at9.19.16AM Screenshot20130624at8.35.39PM Screenshot20130624at8.44.52PM Screenshot20130624at9.47.01PM Screenshot20130625at10.30.21AM-1 Screenshot20130625at10.30.21AMScreenshot20130624at9.21.50PM tumblr_moyl2e7jxl1ruggpro6_500 tumblr_moyl2e7jxl1ruggpro7_500 tumblr_moyl2e7jxl1ruggpro8_500569248197-1so no one likes wale?
the entertainment industry is really fake.
just because you see two people working together,
doesn’t mean they like each other.
hell even two people married to each other.
thas a whole another story…
i appreciate the ones who can now stand up and say:

tumblr_ljk2fsymSW1qfulupalthough some of them was real harsh tho LOL

lowkey: sadly entertainment industry politics will have you apologizing.
if you know you are becoming famous,
or on the way,

i suggest you erase your old twitter and start a new one.

photos found: baller alert