“imagine” what happens when boredom strikes

if this was the 90s and yester-years,
i think there would be mass meltdowns.
we should be lucky we live in an era with all this technology.
if we talk to our parents,
and grandparents,
they would tell us they had nothing but a good book and a window.
the only information they would get is word of mouth or breaking news.
what a time to be alive.
i saw something today that kinda irritated me and i don’t know why.
it was a bunch of celebs singing “imagine” from john lennon on twitter…
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They Don’t Like The Gays Because They Didn’t Tweet Orlando

tumblr_o8rs66xMto1spbaulo1_1280i was having an interesting discussion with one of my blogger favs,
kelsey of utstarz,
on twitter yesterday.
the topic was about the couple celebs who didn’t show support for the orlando.

chris brown

…and nicki minaj.
she actually ( x got into a huge spat with perez hilton ) about it.
i told him that i would write something yesterday,
but i started feeling a little under the weather.
a fox has been tired and run down.
forgive me foxhole.
well it’s never too late for a “jamari fox” opinion and well…
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Yeah I Said You Were “A Dumb Ass Biatch” Before, But Now We Like Family.

tumblr_mp6nm6DzLe1sy7uzvo1_500i always say you don’t know when its your time.
by “time”,
when greatness will touch down on your life.
sure right now you maybe down and out,
but you never know when god will make it #bowdown season”.
twitter is what i like to call: “the devil”.
when we know no one important is really watching,
we go in on celebs or whoever.
we can’t always watch what we say,
or who we say it about,
because we all talk about people.
it’s life.
these following rappers did before they “made it”.
how funny that some of them had to associate with those they talked about…

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Dig Into This Celeb Allstar Sunday Buffet!

well another successfully boring all star came and went.
of course,
all the celebs were in the house.
some looked bored.
others looked… well bored.
nice turn out tho…

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