“imagine” what happens when boredom strikes

if this was the 90s and yester-years,
i think there would be mass meltdowns.
we should be lucky we live in an era with all this technology.
if we talk to our parents,
and grandparents,
they would tell us they had nothing but a good book and a window.
the only information they would get is word of mouth or breaking news.
what a time to be alive.
i saw something today that kinda irritated me and i don’t know why.
it was a bunch of celebs singing “imagine” from john lennon on twitter…

can some of them get on-key?
celebs are so bored they don’t know what to do with themselves.
a couple of the attentionistos….


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Who’s ready for home workouts from your new instructor?! 😁💪🏽

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When you can’t get to your barber because of Quarantine 🤦🏽‍♂️🤬😂😂

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i guess folks gotta find a way to entertain since they can’t flex or do gym videos.
here i am trying to work on my career,
study more about loa and manifesting,
double up on jackin off,
and re-read all of e. lynn harris work for inspiration.

i’m waiting for some good “onlyfans” content too.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on ““imagine” what happens when boredom strikes”

  1. The World is finding ways to keep themselves sane and entertained. So expect to see a lot of that coming. George, now that was funny. He wasn’t expecting to fuck his beard up and that shit is dead now. Now he has to look like weird. People look weird once they cut their facial hair that’s been growing for years. He was so mad he couldn’t even open the door

  2. I got my E. Lynn Harris books on Kindle so its on the app on my iPad. I remember when you could only read them on a Kindle reader.

  3. You want some entertainment, get the Sims 4 and get the Basement Mods. You will enjoy fun a whole new way. Somebody took the modifications from Grand Theft Auto and added it to The Sims. You can make them completely naked, have sex in different positions in different places, take facials and a lot more.

  4. Actually in the 1990s people if we had to stay in our apartments and houses people would be listening to records, CDs and cassette tapes, talking on the phone, sending emails, surfing their computers (not phones), hanging out in chatrooms on AOL and MOOCs and IRCs, watching movies and TV shows and porn (especially on cable and VHS tapes), played board games and cards, read books and magazines (lots of them) and the newspaper (the paper kind), listened to the radio, and on and on. There was a LOT to do, IJS, even with no smart phones and no social media!

  5. I am one of the 8 people on earth who hasn’t watched Game of Thrones. So I’ll be binge watching while trying to keep my mind and body healthy. I also have a couple books that I haven’t gotten started on. Fun times 😬

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