when it hits close to home!!

not tyler perry tho.
so the rona hit close to home.
you always hear of “someone who know someone who got it“.

One of my BFF’s co-worker got the rona

they sent her an email without releasing the name.
it had her freakin’ tf out.

“Who was it?”
“Did I speak to them?”
“Who did I not seeing anymore at work?”

i don’t blame her because this shit causes mad anxiety.
the fact you could meet someone with no symptoms,
but they can give it to you and fuck you up

i hate everything.

low-key: now we got 4 nets baller wolves with the rona.
kd being one of them.
( x see more here )

he was just hanging with drake,
who was also hanging with kylie jenner.
“the rona: 6 degrees of seperation” edition.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “when it hits close to home!!”

  1. That’s messed up that they not telling who it was. People need to know if they came into contact with person, so they can get tested and keep from spreading it to their family, friends, coworkers and anyone they come into contact with.

    1. They’re not supposed to release names because of HIPAA laws. If anyone is infected or suspected of being infected, the health department is supposed to make contact with that person and anyone that they’ve come in contact with…but it’s my understanding they only do that if the person is actually infected and shows symptoms.

  2. Omg that’s so scary! Really hope everything will be okay with your friend Jamari. But…is it bad that I still don’t take the Corona Virus seriously? Like I feel that if you’re hygienically clean and have the necessary/basic tools to combat germs (Hand Sanitizer and Lysol) then you’ll be okay. Unless someone coughs in your face. Then that…that’s bad. Virus or non-virus.

  3. This virus has really fucked with us entirely. I’m scared to get it myself especially considering I have sickle cell trait and can contact anything easily.

  4. Stay in the fucking house and practice proper hygiene. Stop being all up in people’s faces and sit the fuck down somewhere! Stop being nosy. Seriously. I’m in NYC and heads are still out and about trying to be seen. FOMO killed the cat! The virus will surge with the weather going up to 75 tomorrow. Not to mention insatiable fags are still trying to hook up on the apps. Go get some Vaseline and lay the fuck down!

    Oop! Since gyms have been closed, I can’t wait for the amount of gagging that will ensue when the attentionistos real bodies are revealed… and just in time for summer too!? Hate to see it!

    1. ^ this virus is gonna mutate into something we gonna need the ninja turtles to defeat.
      this 75 degree weather is gonna be the real test tomorrow.
      i’m good on seeing people tho.
      i was gonna take a walk to the park tomorrow,
      but i’m undecided.

      i do see a lot of folks on my block in masks and gloves.
      thats a good thing.

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