They Don’t Like The Gays Because They Didn’t Tweet Orlando

tumblr_o8rs66xMto1spbaulo1_1280i was having an interesting discussion with one of my blogger favs,
kelsey of utstarz,
on twitter yesterday.
the topic was about the couple celebs who didn’t show support for the orlando.

chris brown

…and nicki minaj.
she actually ( x got into a huge spat with perez hilton ) about it.
i told him that i would write something yesterday,
but i started feeling a little under the weather.
a fox has been tired and run down.
forgive me foxhole.
well it’s never too late for a “jamari fox” opinion and well…

we have all become too dependent on the thoughts of celebs.
baller wolves
as well.
i won’t even front as i don’t either,
but i’m starting to realize we give them way too much power.
many white celebs didn’t cosign trayvon martin and michaal brown.
others didn’t use their platforms for police violence or how bad it is in chicago.

we hardly get on them

…especially if it’s some snow bunny playing a good part.



they use our culture when it’s convenient,
but stay silent when needed.
most of the pop stars of today are successful because of gay dollars.
the male species included.
as you know,
many female pop vixens use “gay culture” to their advantage.
the victims in orlando where probably dancing to their music before
well without the gays,
most of them would be “one hit wonders”.
so it would only be wise of them to pay tribute to what happened in orlando.

Is it tho?

as kelsey put it:

“it only takes less than a minute to send out support tho
These ppl make their living off the back of gay folks
Esp the female pop stars.
I would never suggest boycotting or disliking a pop star over not offering an Orlando tribute
That is ridiculous. But i do feel people have a right to bring up or question their silence. Esp related to the larger issue of how much gay lives are valued in society and/or hip hop”

my thing is,
they put up a meme or a little message to make us happy…
then what?
we run out to support them even more?

who is to say they didn’t send checks behind the scenes?
prince was notorious for doing charity work without fan fare.
hell some of these same pop star vixens/wolves play “nice” for our money,
but are homophobic behind the scenes and away from the cameras.


instead of worrying about them,
we need to be more worried about our politicians being silent.
the republicans using this incident as leverage for voting purposes.
hell the fact all these incidents have happened and no gun control in place.
they done shot up cubs and blacks.
what makes “us” think we will be any different?
we need to be worried about that instead of the typical:

“love is love”
“rip to those in orlando”

…from some celeb,
who if they do something stupid the next week,
we will be quick to throw them right under the bus.
am i lying?
it’s very similar to the black baller wolves who come out the closet.
we rush to make them “the voices of the forest”,
and of course the new “role models”,
and they ain’t even checkin’ for the blacks.
they don’t even want nothing to do with us.
so stop depending on those in the public eye to be your voice.
find your own.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “They Don’t Like The Gays Because They Didn’t Tweet Orlando”

  1. I heard about Nicki not saying anything and how big it became. But I 100% agree with you J, we give them way too much power as if they have openly endorsed the act. And you are right, we have no idea what ppl might be doing behind the scenes and not showing it so that it doesn’t come off as a publicity stunt or something.

    On your second point about the politicians I could not have said it better. However, I was trying to send you some information of the filibuster that Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) did on Wednesday in order to address the gun control issue. Apparently Dianne Feinstein and some other senators have sent a bill to the NRA for approval. I know that the filibuster lasted 18 hours and apparently “worked”. I want to know what your thoughts on that are, if you think that this is genuine or if it is just to placate us like you mentioned some celebrities may be doing and will only go so far until it’s not as hot of a topic anymore?

    1. ^i think any direction is a good direction,
      but how ironic all of this happening so close to this election.
      that’s a whole nother topic for another day and time…

  2. I think a celeb tweeting pray for Orlando equals nothing. Anyone can change a profile picture, anyone can tweet. We can not measure the intent of someones heart based off of 144 characters. Secondly you know how many people, celebs or not, are oblivious to whats going on in the real world they’re living in a whole different mentality surrounded by their privilege, their millions so things that many of us should worry and think about it’s second nature to them. Lastly we’ll see how many actually donate or contribute in other ways. My pastor spoke about it in church today. He said the killer was evil and it was a great tragedy at what happened and that if any so-called christian takes pleasure in this or says ‘it was God’s will” they’re highly mistaken and do NOT serve Christ. I think this generation gets too caught up in these keyboard activist movements: hey lets change our profile page, hey lets tweet in special hashtags how about these folks start doing something that will make a difference and stop waiting for celebs or other humans to lead the way. They are no saviors guiding us with their tutelage. Half of them are overrated, non-talented, sex crazed, drug-addicted nutjobs that we damn near worship. Spread love, spread a smile, teach, give wisdom ACTIVELY love…We are the change that we’re looking and praying for…

    1. ^love this opinion malcolm.
      and i’ll say it:

      many people simply don’t like US

      …and that is just the reality.
      they don’t care to support this issue because of their own prejudice.
      just like many whites don’t care if a black cub gets shot down by their own,
      but will still smile in our faces at work/in public.

      1. Exactly some white people will dance with us, go out to eat with us, sleep with us but when it’s time to demand that we’re treated equally they’re silent. Even in Hollywood racism is STILL alive and well. For every one Beyonce and Jay-z You have multiple whites with Steven spielberg and Bill Gates money that aren’t even famous. Old money, Rothschild, Drexel, Carnegie, Rockerfeller money. Old cash. Folks see a few black celebs and think we’re equal and it’s a Utopian society. Unfortunately not the case.. the new Racism is classism it’s about that money. And the sad part is gays will cape and damn near lose their minds over these female artists who treat us as mere accessories. We do their hair, makeup, fashion and their choreography but many don’t fuck with us. I had to eliminate some out of my circle. Some of these females are worse than the men when it comes to mistreating us. We just have to be safe and align ourselves with folks who are 1000% for us even if we disagree about certain things

      2. ^THANK YOU!!!!!!
        my biggest pet peeve with some vixens.
        its always this:


        …until something makes them turn on you.

    2. @ Malcolm I cosign^^ I don’t care about their tweets and social media. If I happen to find out that they donated or provide some other tangible support behind the scenes, I’d much rather see that, but even then, I don’t need to know about it, it’s their business. I’m just going to focus on what I’m going to do about it. I’m going to try donating what little I can.

      At the end of the day, it’s not really our business.
      Who’s expecting Chris brown to say anything though? Nicki and Rihanna are arguable, but Chris? Why does anyone care what he has to say? lol

      1. You’re a better man than I am Diggy. I no longer donate to these organizations.charities based on a news report that I’d seen, where they stated that most of the donations go to the organizations (operating costs/salaries/expenses) and a small percentage goes to the intended party/parties. The earthquake in Haiti was a horrible example of that. The other day there was a report that the organization collecting donations for the shooting victims cannot guarantee that all of the money collected so far can be distributed to the victims and their families. People have taken to creating go-fund-me pages to help the victims.
        We try to do good, but greed and other obstacles seem to always get in the way.

        As for celebs, most of them could care less what is going on outside of their world/lives. I don’t hold what many of them say to any high standard, and could care less what their viewpoint is, because most are probably making the comment(s) for the wrong reasons…to garner attention for themselves.

      2. @ Christian yeah man, I’ve heard about that too, before I donate, I’m going to do some research on the companies first, and even still, I won’t break the bank donating.
        You’re right about that, we live in a shitty world man. People are willing to help each other out, and PROVE that there IS enough money to support and help, but this fucking “system” will find a way to use that money to support itself. I swear I’d have to fly all over there to Florida myself and give them the money first-hand to know where the money is going. THAT’S how sad our world is. Ugh.

        To your other point… exactly! They are there to sing and to perform, sure they can have opinions, SOME of the are actually activists, but in general, their jobs are to entertain, anything outside of that isn’t really relevant. Sure they are public figures, but that’s where it stops, talk is cheap!

  3. I guess I see it from both sides i’ve always thought that just because you tweet about something or post something on social media doesn’t mean you give a damn about it. It takes literally seconds to do that and you can go about your day doing whatever you were doing before. Actions do speak louder than words so before we go attacking an artist because we think they are not supporting we need wait and see what happens. A lot of people said similar things When Beyoncé didn’t have a direct immediate response to all the Black lives matter, but then she comes out with the formation video and lemonade letting her response come through her music but waiting until she a full understanding on the situation.

    But at the same time I understand people wanting to see support from an artist automatically. We live in an age where social media is where a lot of people get their opinions and their thoughts. I didn’t know that these particular artist didn’t see anything the only thing I’ve heard about Nicki recently was something about her saying that homosexuality isn’t right because the Bible says so or something like that.

    Either way I think it’s just better to take a wait and see stance on a lot of situations

    1. @Mikey…Exactly! Actions speak louder than words!
      I like to hear those stories about entertainers/athletes that do stuff on their own, without fanfare.
      THOSE are the type of individuals that I would hold in esteem, because they’re doing it from the heart…not for attention. So to those individuals that need the cameras to show them doing a good deed…GTFOH with that BS. That ain’t genuine.

  4. This quest the LGBT community has for affirmation from EVERYONE is amusing to me.

    Like a child on the monkey bars trying to get their parent’s attention and approval, meanwhile the parent is unbothered having an adult conversation.

    This front like the LGBT community is all united and gay clubs are a utopia are even more amusing.

    I as a dark skinned black male from the south have seen and experienced more colorism, bigotry, and frankly evil behavior with gay men than I’ve ever experienced with heterosexual whites or blacks and gay clubs are so cliquish I literally had to down 8-10 drinks just to force myself to not leave the person I came with in there.

    Ya’ll can stay delusional though.

    1. Delusional about what exactly?

      Also there is noticeably less universal condemnation for this attack than the massacres over the last few years. I’ve seen many people, including so-called ‘Christians’ applaud the shooter.

      This only confirms the the LGBT has some way to go in regards to achieving a good quality of life.

      1. Delusional about the state of the LGBT community and the bigotry and divisiveness within it, but want to read the black community for filth every chance they get. How can you beg the world to respect you and you don’t even respect another gay man because of what they look like? Sweep your own front door first.

        Not hard to imagine why most Christians keep their mouths shut when the gay community compares a night club to a church.You don’t find that insulting? If a gay club is the same as a place of worship to you we don’t have much to talk about.

        Furthermore, people have tried to offer support and people like Anderson Cooper feel like if they aren’t waving a rainbow flag and voting in favor of everything they shouldn’t show basic human compassion because it’s not enough. Its a lose-lose situation so I’d say RIP and move on too.

        A good quality of life is relative. Go to some other countries and see how they are treated.

  5. I’ll keep this as concise as possible: People have some deep problems if one has to rely on an entertainer to validate their feelings.

  6. I always believe what people do and not what people say. As you stated Jamari, Prince has done more for people, in secret, than we’ll ever know. Make your actions worth more than your words. Most politians never seem to do the things people that voted for them want. Idk bro.

  7. This must be the white LGBT community up in arms. Personally I could care less if a celeb commented on this or not. I have social media accounts and I havent said anything either, so does that make me a bad person who does not care about the situation. Many people in this mainstream LGBT community want to almost bully the straights to make a stand on everything gay or they are perceived as an enemy. It is way to many celebs both Black and White who have not said anything for anyone to be calling out a select few. Many of these white vocal gays are so silent on many issues dealing with people of color that I can not take anything they say seriously. They get pissed when straights dont go along with their agenda. Most of these celebs probably dont even manage their own social media accounts and never even look at them. No celebrity has ever paid one of my damn bills, I still have to get up and go to work everyday no matter what they say or do, so I could give a flying “F*ck what ever they tweet or dont tweet unless its something racially offensive, and even then I might clapback but really would it even matter. Some people have too much time on their hands and are worried about the wrong damn things.

    1. @Tajan

      Why are you making this about race? Everytime black people want to make excuses for other black people and their f*cked up behavior or apathy we make it about race.

      I see you..

      1. I am glad that you do see me, and I see you, so we see each other. If you think that these white gays give a damn about you other than worshiping your body then go on living in La-La land. The White Supremacy structure of this country works the same in the white gay community, as it works in the larger white society. So you can miss me with we all in together BS, and for the record everything in this country is based on race, from how our President is treated, how Black people are treated by law enforcement and the courts, the disparity in the health care system, the over representation of us in the penal system, and even the financial loans we can get to get ahead in this country is based on race. I live in the real world and see how this system is rigged in Dewhites favor, so again, I dont give a damn if a celeb is not tweeting, because none of us know their feelings, and if they dont give a damn about me because I am gay, that is okay too, because they are hear to entertain us, its not there job to do anything else. I am cordial to white people everyday on my job, but after I get off work, I dont have to deal with them and dont want to deal with them, so I dont see the difference. Im gone let you picket the straight concerts and clubs with the Rainbow Flag, cause I am all of out Fcks to give about white gays and their agenda.

  8. @Jay There is division and hierarchies in every society. It not exclusive to the LGBT community. You just place them on a bigger microscope than others That said:

    – I never heard the incident be racialized in any matter besides people stating the shooter wanted to spare black people. (It doesn’t matter. 6 Blacks are killed and the victims are largely Hispanic).

    – I have never stated the Christians were quiet. In fact, most Christians I’ve talked to condemned the action. Hell, they knew it was a hate crime even if the media wasn’t saying it. But like I said, a prominent amount of Christian also applauded the action. I have not read a thing about anyone comparing a church to a club. Either way you slice it, both Charleston and Orlando were acts of terrorism and should be regarded as such. Neither did anything to incite those actions.

    -And people were doing the same thing with Paris. This is not exactly a LGBT thing but rather an issue about how people want to see God in public figures.

    1. They put themselves on microscopes when they give the false perception of unity and acceptance. That’s only true when it comes to what you do in bed, any and everything else will be dissected and judged from your appearance to your socioeconomic status.

      Gays in general, especially black ones target the black community continuously like the lgbt community they put on a pedestal isn’t full of contradictions and and false unity.

      What prominent Christians applauded this? The keyword is prominent.

      1. Your comments are based on assumptions that justifies whatever feelings you have though not necessarily true. We’ll just agree to disagree on the front.

        Moreover 1. Define prominent. 2. I don’t think prominence really matters, but these people state that they are followers of Jesus, despite how untrue it is. But here is an example:

        There are “50 less pedophiles in this world.” Christian Pastor Steven Anderson

        Sacramento Baptist Pastor applauds the Orlando shooting:

        ” I think that’s great,” he said of the shooting. “I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida, is a little safer tonight. The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die. The tragedy is I’m kind of upset he didn’t finish the job – because these people are predators. They are abusers.”

        And don’t forget about Westboro.

  9. I’m not surprised these artists didn’t comment on the Orlando Shooting .I don’t recall them commenting on the Charleston shooting which occurred a year ago Friday Someone correct me if I am wrong.Granted more people died in the Orlando shooting but looking at their pages they don’t post anything of substance about any issue.So posting #PrayforOrlando would be a hollow gesture unless they talked about homophobia or gun control.

  10. I totally agree with you Jamari! A tweet is just that…a tweet. I would much rather prefer action over social media solidarity.

  11. The same black gay men who say they “don’t care about a tweet from a celeb” are typically the same ones kissing their asses no matter what they do. I find sickening how Gay Black men try their damnest to defend the indefensible among homophobic black people. Your tactics are routine and expected. When you have no argument to defend these black homophobic sacks of shtt you use RACE as a way to align yourselves with them. Well guess what? You may share the same skin color as some of these celebs but you’re still GAY in their minds and that means YOU don’t matter!

    Since the attacks last week, I too have monitored social media accounts from both athletes and celebs. Some acknowledged the horriffic attacks and others went on like its just another f*cking day. We are right to call them out on their silence, and anyone who defends them are no more then gay coons in my eyes!

  12. Also Nicki Minaj HUGELY capitalized off the gay community that’s why they were upset. This is the same woman who faked “bisexual” to push an image. Hell, GRINDR were doing pop ups reminding users to buy tickets to her shows when she had her tour last year. She also showed her pettiness when she unfollowed somebody for asking her about Orlando. Good luck with that next album sis. You been on the decline anyway.

    People are mad at her because her career was pretty much owed to the gay community. Her whole brand/being is a reflection of everything “gay”.

    I didn’t care for Chris to comment. I didn’t expect him to. I’ve never put money into a male artist’s pocket so I don’t really care. I just bootleg their shit. However I was surprised that THE GAME made a post lmao!!

  13. People rely and idolize these celebrities way too often. The majority of them do not even care about their fans, even though they profit financially off of them. People need to wake up. The reason gays are up in arms about they fear that their favs may not support their lifestyle. In their minds, acknowledgement may mean they support the lifestyle, while no acknowledgement means otherwise, but neither is necessarily true. Right now, you have some who have tweeted about the massacre who did it for their fan base. Jamari you hit it on the head.

    Are y’all really surprised about Nicki? Did she not admit that she used bisexuality as a gimmick years ago? I thought so. Straight men even use attention from the gay community to promote themselves, then once they reach a certain status their true colors reveal themselves.

    1. Can you explain to me what a “gay lifestyle” is?
      I’m just curious because I hear so many people (mainly heteros) say it and I never understood the term.

  14. There is ao much shit I have to say..firat off.

    F**k Nikki Minaj and her artificial R2-D2 malfunctioning body ass. She fake just like most other celebs anyway but it doesn’t matter since “her loyal fans” will support her anyway. Its not a shocker most are Gay Men who defends a bunch of superficial unapologetic bimbos who could care less about anything..just keep feeding their income.

    Its no surprise how people give these celebs power as if they were Gods and quite a few of them already think their shit dont stank. Have you saw how they react to fans? Rhianna and the like? They dont even care about fans that pile their paycheck…think they give 2 f**ks about it.

    I know there are lots Beyonce fans and she has a huge gay following along with other divas..Have any of these divine divas stepped forth and donated to any victims in Orlando or given speeches or organized charity concerts for these folks who were likely(possibly) fans of their work? Im generally asking cuz I don’t know for sure? We never know what goes on behind the scenes so who knows but I know a MF Tweet dont mean shit or changing lights to LGBT.

    Anyone can fake anything and I feel a lot of whites aint for blacks AND a lot of blacks aint for blacks.

    I read a comment down in the post about something a busted rake face ass pastor ho was talkin about homosexuals. It amazes me how these abominable bitches will spew all that hate but claim to be a follower of Christ…though I bet they are..that fake version with the blonde perm and sky blue contacts…claiming to be Jesus.

    That 50 less predators comment …ohhh lord help me…folks like this have a bowl of Kellogs flaming fire flakes waiting on them in hell. Especially considering that most perverts molest the children in the church…and are also heterosexual men. Ummmmm..

    Nothing gets worse though than “woke black folk”. These holier than thou black folks against homosexuality but have 5 kids all out of wedlock, body covered in tats and lusting and everything else..F**k them too. F**k Black Lives Matter because it really doesnt if youre Black & Gay (your life dont matter to the majority of them). Its all Rubbish..

    Gays are hated but BLACK GAYS are really despised with a passion..the black community is so homophobic yet have been cited to have a high number of homosexuals along with the Latinos.

    Hell Black Gays hate each other too.

    I just believe that everything going on now has always been..Its just glossed over with a new generation but its the same ole bullshit since the beginning of time…its just that we have more than two simple mi ded idiots walking around Earth now.

    Im trying to see what others see when they say things are getting better…Where? Uranus?? Not on planet Earth.

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