you are a fox; be the fox

foxes move through the forests stealthy without disturbing the other animals.
we are known to be cunning and observant.
i can be very quiet about the things i don’t want to be shared with the world.
i can be in a whole relationship with another dude,
be around them in public settings,
and the public wouldn’t know unless they saw my texts.
this is why i can font that i move silently with a baller wolf.
as you know,
i shared that i’ve been working with a good friend on her web series.
since the foxhole is my people,
i wanted to share an exclusive that made it so real today…

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They Don’t Like The Gays Because They Didn’t Tweet Orlando

tumblr_o8rs66xMto1spbaulo1_1280i was having an interesting discussion with one of my blogger favs,
kelsey of utstarz,
on twitter yesterday.
the topic was about the couple celebs who didn’t show support for the orlando.

chris brown

…and nicki minaj.
she actually ( x got into a huge spat with perez hilton ) about it.
i told him that i would write something yesterday,
but i started feeling a little under the weather.
a fox has been tired and run down.
forgive me foxhole.
well it’s never too late for a “jamari fox” opinion and well…
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The No-Name Work Out Warrior Wolf Who Looks Like “Work You Out”

so the f-bi were on the hunt.
they send me great emails of fine wolves and foxes.
some i post.
others i don’t.
they know i like:

and potential pipe.
this wolf…

i was already interested by that gif alone…

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Monstrous Balls

i had an interesting conversation with my cousin hybrid today.
i’m telling you,
when we get together: epic.
we go IN and i wanted to share a little what we were talking about.
i have been talking in emails with a young cub who ONLY likes down low wolves.
he says that people make him feel bad for his choice….


 i will say it before and i will say it again.
people in this lifestyle can be bullies to one another.
we like abuse.

not the abuse of a plump pipe beating up butt cheeks or the back of our throats.
but the abuse of our opinions and choices in dating, even fucking.
it can be a wear and tear on the self esteem, to be honest.
one that leaves you feeling like you went 20 rounds in the ring and ending in a “tie“.
bad enough straights do it to us every chance they get.
are we too hard on each other?
or, is this just the way “love” goes?
i had to ask…

Can we all just get along?

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