as you know,
nfl draft 2013 has happened.

2013-draft-logo-storywhen a young pre baller wolf grows into a baller wolf.
isn’t it exciting?
smells like new money and success sex in the air this weekend.
i wish i was the lucky fox to receive it.
in due time.
baller alert put together a list of all the new meat for the foxhole.

2013 Senior Bowlej manuel heads to the bills.

tumblr_mlvr33b2TK1spq8w7o1_500dion jordan heads to miami dolphins

dee-milliner-presser-huntjpg-395034a5aa2dde43dee milliner heads to ny jets

dj hayden going to the oakland raiders.

sheldonrichardson570x760sheldon richardson cums over to the ny jets

hi-res-136484840_crop_exacteric reid heads to the 49ers

tumblr_mlqsa57kPl1rz5vqwo4_500honey badger goes to the cardinals

stedmanstedman bailey heads to the st louis rams


tumblr_miuoc7g9Lo1qi857wo1_250my third baby favvah, darius slay, heads to detriot lions

382008_10151466242718863_145233932_njohn cyprien goes to jacksonville jaguars

ertzsnow wolf,  zach ertz, heads to philly

1michaelchristine michael is going to the seahawks

kevin_minterkevin minter will make his debut with the honey badger in arizona

1085447david amerson is going to the redskins

508347769b37e.preview-640jamar taylor will be swimming with the dolphins

jswearingermissourivsouthcarolina-bo1s5aax1mlmy dreaded wolf, dj swearinger, will fit right in with the texans

draftweb25f-1-webbarkevious mingo will go to the cleveland browns


had kinds of sexy.
let’s give these new baller wolves a hand:

tumblr_mklt7lzE901qdhsq0o1_500congratulations guys.
i can’t wait to cover all your meat in the coming months.
maybe even get some “under the covers” scoop.
hopefully me included.
i’ll have more pictures to cum.
stay tuned.

lowkey: so who will be get someone pregnant this weekend,
buy some expensive ass “something”,
and start the new money ratchetness?
they better check the foxhole archives for “what not to do”.
i would hate to cover the fuck ups this year.


  1. Damn….Darius Slay, OMG talk about love at first sight, and tho I dont really feel light skinned dudes being on team light skin myself, that damn Honeybadger may make me re-think this, that pic of him done something to me, and hell with a little more Arizona sun he is gonna be a golden brown, he just looks like he can put it down and you gone fall in love.

    This is going to be a fun year watching who will land in the foxhole with a ton of fuckery. The groupies are already buying out Rainbows and Cititrends and Lacefronts are hard to find, I can tell a few of these knuckleheads need to visit the archives because you can see SUCKER written on their foreheads a mile away. Good Luck to them all, and blessing all their previous college groupies who will be releasing the nudes to Baller Alert, now that they have been put on.

    1. Normally, I’d have to challenge you on this one, Man, but since you responded first and since I’m in Philly for the Penn Relays this weekend, I won’t be greedy.

  2. Ej Dion and Zach I want to see closeups.

    Honey badger is already getting stale we’ve known him for so long and he’s probably the first person to start being ratchet

    1. YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH. This is his chance to act right with his big dick rehab acting a fool ass!!!!! They are going to watch his ass very closely so miss practice if he wants to and that pack his badger ass up and send him home!! My money is on him fucking up!

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