david geffen and his billionaire peen is off the market


Do you know how many black (gay and straight) were following David Geffen on IG?

i went to his ig and saw many of our favs following him.
you know my eyebrow went up.
they were trying to get that billionaire peen.
i would be too shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…
according to the forests,
david ended up choosing one and they got married over the weekend…

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j. august richards is having a “YES”

i like it when i see black gay couples take pics like ^this.
don’t get me wrong,
i lust pics like this too:

…but i love couples who dress up and show us living outside the bedroom.
it seems like love is in the air for many black gays these days.
folks are debuting new relations or revealing secret ones.
j. august richards is checking a new box in his relationship…

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paul george gets down on his knees in the good way


you can tell when a wolf is really smitten with you.
i knew when wolves were into me by how their eyes lit up when i came around.
they always wanted their energy in my personal space too.
i remember writing about how nba baller wolf,
paul george,
was not ready to be a dad.
( x see all that past drama here )
it seemed he didn’t want anything to do with ex-stripper,
daniela rajic.
well i think after he hate-smashed her into two cubs,
the following was probably inevitable…

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king agu made me realize something about myself last night

i’ve come a long way and i gotta really applaud myself.
in my 20s,
i was super desperate to get into a relationship.
someone put the idea in my head about masculine males being gay/bi and it was ON.
it caused me to be put on to many fucked up entanglements.
i’ve met a lot of big deals a like rapper,
a government official,
and a nfl baller wolf.
i was dealing with some really good wolves too.
my past issues fucked them all up.
maybe i wasn’t supposed to link up with them for a relationship.
i don’t know.
back then,
if i was to see a fine ass male dating another male,
like this picture of king agu and his boo from yesterday…

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Jon Moody Makes Iconic Moves

i love jon moody as an artist and a wolf.
he comes off very genuine.
he truly has a gift when it comes to painting.
he is also fine af too.
his artwork has been featured on shows like “empire” and “star”.
well he just landed a major partnership and shared the video on his ig…
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See… Even Olivia Pope Marries Baller Wolves.

olivia-pope-episode-20-maini guess olivia chucked the deuces to snow wolves.
on a serious tip,
kerry washington decided to give a baller wolf a chance.
by chance,
i mean MARRY.
who you ask?…

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