paul george gets down on his knees in the good way


you can tell when a wolf is really smitten with you.
i knew when wolves were into me by how their eyes lit up when i came around.
they always wanted their energy in my personal space too.
i remember writing about how nba baller wolf,
paul george,
was not ready to be a dad.
( x see all that past drama here )
it seemed he didn’t want anything to do with ex-stripper,
daniela rajic.
well i think after he hate-smashed her into two cubs,
the following was probably inevitable…


he KNOW he was into her during all that drama in the begining.
he wouldn’t have shot up the club TWICE.
he probably wasn’t ready back in 2014,
but life has a way of making you put your big boy undies on.
i think he has parked his big lips in her little garage for the long haul.
at this point,
i doubt he will ever leave her.

congrats to them!

lowkey: their sex looks like its goooooood.

21 thoughts on “paul george gets down on his knees in the good way

  1. Yet, they still talking about this and its clear everybody here to see this only but I got time. Love how you are learning how to edit when its just the internet. Clearly what I post got you correcting grammar, punctuation and everything. You right we can make this epic and go back and forth. We way beyond the topic. Clearly you was rushing to say something back so you had to post it again. Get it out there cause this is hilarious how your statements change after I post. No more ALL CAPS in every other sentence. Although you did start a sentence with lower caps but its an improvement nonetheless.

    So now we bringing up the other NBA players, so clearly, who, what, when, where and how they fuck is an issue for you. Talking about out the loop, you ain’t even in the loop. “My best friend brother is in the NBA”, good for you tink tink. Now we trying to get clout off somebody else relative. SMMFH. Being on the clock making money, tuh. How is that working for you? Chile you are no where near my pay grade, “on the clock making money”, lmfao. Make sure to clear your cache watching porn on the clock before somebody fire you. That made my day.

    Bay-be, 100 comments, pretty low standards. I mean like I said we CAN go on and on because you proving with each response how basic you are. If you think this is what a “internet thug” is, I suggest you never post another comment until you get a backbone. I could care less what you originally posted. If you didn’t want feedback, then you shouldn’t post on blogs and keep it to your self. You do know all your responses are contradicting each other. I mean if you don’t know what that means, google it. “I called you out…” That means you were pressed. The purpose of dialogue on blogs is to offer different opinions. You got mad. You threw shots and got in your feelings, now you wanna shake the table. “Let people say whatever the hell they wanna say and keep it moving”, so why you didn’t do that when I posted or when Deron posted. You contradicting yourself.

    I will let you get back to your job, since you on the clock.

  2. Didn’t Jamari just post about burner accounts getting busted saying the same thing on two different usernames. Claiming victim when you came at me over a statement that didn’t mean nothing to you. If you wasn’t so pressed why you still talking about what I said. What argument was there? It’s clear you don’t know what a troglodyte is. The topic was clear, PG had a bad start with his child mother but apparently they worked something out where he decided he loves her to marry her. Its clear, you don’t know Paul George, his personality, or his professional history, yet you judged his decision based on the color of her skin. I mean this is what’s expected from a Basic Bitch so.

    1. @thebadboyzclub Two different usernames? Bitch where? Lmaoooo illiterate vibes again. I revised my comment with the same name because I wasn’t sure if the first one went through smart one. Are you blind? secondly, where in my comment did I claim victim, please find it. I called you out on your corny ass insults instead of staying on topic. And it’s you that was pressed, weren’t you the one who responded to my comment first? When you could’ve just let it go and not responded at all. No matter how much I disagree with something, I no longer respond to comments that differ from my opinion because it ends like this. A back and forth situation for no reason. Let people say whatever the hell they wanna say and keep it moving.

      I don’t care enough to judge. I sure in the hell don’t know or care about his history. This goes way beyond George. My best friends brother is in the NBA we personally know how these dudes operate from experience and what comes out their mouth. So I don’t need a run down on “color” and “love” from a internet thug that’s out the loop. And please do respond despite being on the clock making money, I have time. We can do this til we reach 100 comments. Entertain me some mo

  3. @thebadgwarlzclub Like I imagined not one intelligent rebuttal lmaoooooo. Simple girls always resort to insults when they lose the argument. You spent more time attacking me instead of staying on topic. The only thing dried up is them brain cells miss mamas. Good night sis 😘

  4. @thebadgirlzclub And like I imagined not one good rebuttal lmaoooooo. You spent more time being a comment gangsta attacking and insulting me, instead of staying on topic. Such a simple girl. Goodnight sis 😘

    1. What does a black man marrying another woman of another race have to do with it? Has anybody ever thought maybe they treat them better. Personally I don’t care what any Black athlete does with his dick. That’s his dick.

      1. @thebadboyzclub what a redundant stupid comment. Maybe THEY treat them better? Lmaooo you can’t be serious. It’s no secret how color struck a lot of these athletes are. These men want trophies not women who stimulate them mentally.

        And just because a comment on something I observe, doesn’t mean I care about who a athlete is fucking. I just find it sad.

          1. @deron you don’t even look like you’re apart of the 21st century with that phone and attire.

            So Don’t speak on life when it looks like it left you behind.

            2nd of all, me stating something I observe, does not mean I’m personally effected like I previously stated. We’re all commenters with different perspectives and this is mine. I wish I saw more prominent black men with black women. That’s my sentiment and it will never change.

        1. “Trophies” but my statement was redundant and stupid, ok. I said what I said. What any body do with their dick is their business period. Who the fuck is color struck when clearly this man has a child with this woman and she supposed to be a “trophy”. How the fuck you sound calling women period trophies you troglodyte. The fuck is wrong wit you! So Kobe got Vanessa as a trophy and he really didn’t love her is that what you saying? People love who they love and if their skin color happens to be different, then so fucking be it. That’s not color struck, that’s love but apparently you haven’t been loved enough to know what that feels like. That’s what I meant by maybe she treats him better. Women do it too so only black male athletes are color struck. Tell that to Serena Williams, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, rapper Eve, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, I mean are you that fucking illiterate. A woman of any race can stimulate his mind. A man who chooses a man can find a man that stimulates his mind. The next time you lead with a statement that a man wants a trophy not women to stimulate his mind, please bring facts or shut the fuck up talking. I find it sad that you think what you typed was correct. It was disrespectful, misogynistic, and ignorant. There are plenty of black male athletes who married a black woman. There are plenty who married a woman of another color. Who they marry is not your fucking business, if she treats him better than a black woman so what! People like you should have been swallowed. I could care less about a rebuttal from you because you blocked and don’t exist.

          1. @thebadboyzclub your first comment was dumb. But you really came with the idiocy with this one. Half the words you used you don’t even know what they mean. When does having kids with someone and loving them make you less of a colorist? Furthermore I never accused him or any other black male athlete that has a ambiguous looking woman of not really loving who they marry. My comment was in regard to how a lot of these athletes go for the same type of non-black ambiguous looking chick. And how I wish I seen more black women. However I don’t give two fucks who they date, i do not sit in agony everytime I see a athlete with a different race, it’s just a observation that clearly bothered you more than it bothered me. And I said a lot of black male athletes NOT all. Not once did I categorize all black men. So it’s you who’s the illiterate one. And since you have a hard time with comprehension. YES there is a such thing as a trophy wife. It’s a lot NOT ALL of these straight men, athlete or not who actually prefer this type of woman to publicly show off. Athletes aren’t strangers to objectifying women Hell some men in general aren’t, so it’s them who’s the misogynist. How am I misogynistic when I clearly stated I want to see more BLACK women with prestigious black men. But to say maybe “THEY” treat them better wasn’t insulting or degrading to black women as if they don’t know how to treat black men? And if that’s not what you meant, you lacked the intellect to convey that without being offensive.

            I know good and very well not EVERY person who dates out of their race is a colorist. I date outside my race. It still doesn’t change my perspective on how a lot of black male athletes typically go for the light/mixed or non-black ambiguous chick. Let’s not act blind to this. If you didn’t know colorism in the black community is very much alive and well imbecile. And sadly that is the case with SOME of these black men. And if you don’t believe it, then the denial is real. I really don’t give a fuck who they stick their dick in, I literally lose no sleep lmaoooo. I’d just be happy to see more black women with prestigious black men. That’s it that’s all. What I said and how I feel stands bad girl.

          2. Chile, have several seats, now you want to use intelligent words. I thought a hoe ass bitch said something. You needed a dictionary to use those words? Next time you want to check somebody intelligence, use correct punctuation marks if you are going to come at me with that. You do know you don’t have to use ALL CAPS in every other sentence. Like I said you should’ve been swallowed, I take that back, you would’ve better off dried up in somebody sock or towel. Good night.

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