paul george gets down on his knees in the good way


you can tell when a wolf is really smitten with you.
i knew when wolves were into me by how their eyes lit up when i came around.
they always wanted their energy in my personal space too.
i remember writing about how nba baller wolf,
paul george,
was not ready to be a dad.
( x see all that past drama here )
it seemed he didn’t want anything to do with ex-stripper,
daniela rajic.
well i think after he hate-smashed her into two cubs,
the following was probably inevitable…

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Paul George Is A Deadbeat

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.00.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
the ny post said a judge did.
so it looks like my favorite baller wolf ratchet,
paul george,
has no f’s to give about that cub he brought in the world.
well he does,
i think.
that “skrippa” he skeeted in,
the one i’m sure he is embarrassed about,
is trying to get him to acknowledge the cub,
well a judge in new yawk slammed paul for his lack in daddy duties
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