paul george gets down on his knees in the good way


you can tell when a wolf is really smitten with you.
i knew when wolves were into me by how their eyes lit up when i came around.
they always wanted their energy in my personal space too.
i remember writing about how nba baller wolf,
paul george,
was not ready to be a dad.
( x see all that past drama here )
it seemed he didn’t want anything to do with ex-stripper,
daniela rajic.
well i think after he hate-smashed her into two cubs,
the following was probably inevitable…

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Paul George and Baby Mama: Marry, Kill, or Hate F’n Another Cub?

paul george is sexy af,
but like a typical male,
he is kinda
well i’ll let the foxhole decide on what he is.
so remember when paul tried to ( x pay off a vixen to abort his love-cub )?
that was when he was wyldin the fuck out.
good times.
well it seems like that same vixen is pregnant again.
according to terez owens
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Paul George Is A Deadbeat

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.00.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
the ny post said a judge did.
so it looks like my favorite baller wolf ratchet,
paul george,
has no f’s to give about that cub he brought in the world.
well he does,
i think.
that “skrippa” he skeeted in,
the one i’m sure he is embarrassed about,
is trying to get him to acknowledge the cub,
well a judge in new yawk slammed paul for his lack in daddy duties
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Is Paul George Vying To Be The “Unlikeable Baller Wolf”?

paul-george-haircuts9oh paul…
you know what paul george reminds me of?
he is like the cute wolf you see at your school or job.
you imagine that he would be the perfect wolf because he looks good.
well it isn’t until he opens his mouth that you realize he’s a “pineapple”.
well for whatever reason,
he has been doing “the pineapple” WAY too much lately.
he decided to tweet the following about the ray rice situation today…

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Paul George Snaps Leg In Half

1406948214000-USP-Basketball-USA-Basketball-Showcasethis is definitely not the year to be baller wolf,
paul george.

with all the issues he has had lately,
snapping his right leg in half is the latest.
so he was playing at the team usa showcase when he slid into a base by the basket.
i’ll let you see the video for you to be the judge.
(very graphic video ahead)
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Drake Blows Two Baller Wolves Tonight

drakeblowingineardrake started off a little cringe worthy in the opening,
but the skit with blake griffin and chris brown was pretty funny.
so drake decided to recreate lance stephenson’s “blowing in lebron’s ear” at the #espys.

i can just imagine the gifs…
lance stephenson and paul george ended up being good sports about it.
anyone else i’m sure would have punched him.
now look at what charlamange tweeted with his shady ass…
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