Paul George and Baby Mama: Marry, Kill, or Hate F’n Another Cub?

paul george is sexy af,
but like a typical male,
he is kinda
well i’ll let the foxhole decide on what he is.
so remember when paul tried to ( x pay off a vixen to abort his love-cub )?
that was when he was wyldin the fuck out.
good times.
well it seems like that same vixen is pregnant again.
according to terez owens

Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George is having quite an interesting off season. The Paul George to the Lakers rumors aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it will be interesting to see more details as they become public. This other situation is a bit more juicy. Now we have PG13 knocking up his baby mama again. From our source, “I thought you may be interested, Paul George is having another baby with his baby mamma, the very one he once tried to pay off $1 million dollars to for the baby to go away the first time around” says our source. Looks like Paul will have his hands full come next season.

so i can tell you how this went if the alleged is true.
you know paul hated her ass after she didn’t abort that cub.
she even took him to court and did a lot of barking.
as in typical baby mama/baby daddy situations,
they were forced to co-parent.
i’m sure one thing led to another

He might have started hate fucking her

you know “hate sex” can be some good sex.

wolves will take all their pent up aggression with you out on your hole.
well you find yourself fuckin each other stupid so much,
it can lead to all these emotions.
that is when ya’ll in a relationship and don’t even realize it.
here we are with these two.
i’m looking at her a little crazy tho.
no kind of sex can justify what he did.
i’m sure he is looking at her future.
she looks good too:

it’s cheaper to keep her,
might be dumb,
self worth in the toilet,
but she thick and her pussy might taste like fruit bubbilicious.
he stuck.

article cc: terez owens

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Paul George and Baby Mama: Marry, Kill, or Hate F’n Another Cub?”

  1. Lol they might as well work it out obviously there’s something between them and I bet her pussy is magic lol

  2. This is new. A few years ago, he was paying her to get a rid of a child, but now he is possibly in a relationship with her and expecting another child. Well if this is all true, her 18 year meal ticket has been renewed.

  3. another over-rated, over paid athlete that uses his dick head as hi real head has no fucking brain there. A fool and his dick will soon depart.

    1. ^!THIS!! These idiots never learn! That chick don’t give two fucks about him. It’s about the lifestyle. She can walk around with the nice car, home, designer shoes/bags. Oh, the kid might get some items here and there…but it’s all about her. Let’s be real. You can see that shyt in her eyes in those pics. Yeah…I hit the jackpot, AGAIN! LOL

      Hell, for all he knows it might be a teammates cub. He better have a DNA test done. She looks treacherous.

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