Send Your Enemies A Nice Fruit Basket

the forests are full of predators waiting to eat you alive.
you’re a fox and one of the smallest in the animal kingdom.
you’re also one of the smartest.
a fox is usually a lone hunter,
but also very careful to avoid danger.
in the real world,
we need to encounter danger in order to survive successfully.
i love my enemies.

…i have those who just don’t like me.
98% usually throw rocks and hide their paws.
it’s never to my face.
sure i can be shady af,
but i am truly “beyonce in that elevator” about 90% of the time.
what i learned in life is hyenas and jackals are roaming everywhere.
not everyone is your “friend” or “family”.
some pretend to wear that fur,
but are waiting with sharp teeth underneath.


you need some war wounds.
hurt and pain need to feel familiar to you.
getting your heart broken should happen at least once.
the true winner in a battle is the one who uses their brain.
paw to paw combat only ruins you.
all of those things helps you become who you are.
i was reading charlamagne’s book,
“black privilege: opportunity comes to those who create it”,
and he shared the same sentiment that i feel with “no new friends”.

Why the fuck wouldn’t you want friends?

drake jumped out the window with that.
i love meeting new people,
and regardless if they hurt me or not,
i can say i gained an experience for the future.

life isn’t supposed to be easy.
we are met with many obstacles in order to grow.
our biggest lessons are with those around us.
if it wasn’t for them,
we wouldn’t be tested and become better skilled.
i know i have.
i had to go through the 4 stages of grief many times:


…but i realize now that “acceptance” is the important part.
i been:

shaded to the white meat
left alone
played for a fool

all of that helped me become a better hunter.
jamari fox can rumble with the best of them.
i recognize what the “looks/tastes/feels/smells” of enemies are.
i actually look forward to encountering it again.
2016 was a fucked up year for me,
but i’m actually the happiest that i’ve ever been in 2017.
everyone around me notices the “shift” in me as well.
i can take a hyena’s “shade” and use it to better myself.
the sting of a jackal’s bite doesn’t last as long as before.

so experience all there is to be hurt.
become bitter because that is what they want.
i promise that once you find yourself out that hole….

you’ll be much better because of it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Send Your Enemies A Nice Fruit Basket

  1. Love this and sn foxes are beautiful. My mom lives down in South Carolina and sometimes early in the morning you’d see them with their big bushy tails lol
    Very inspirational Mr Fox 😚

    1. I’m going to echo the both of you, and add that I think that they are so cute! I wouldn´t mess with one, but they’re nice to look at! Very beautiful animals.

  2. Great post I think we should all keep this in the back of our minds and reach for it when we are in thick of it.

    1. ^and it’s okay to feel sad and cry.
      it’s okay to feel hurt.
      know that you will come through to the other side.
      you HAVE to go through the 4 stages of grief.

  3. I really like this post Jamari, it sounds like the old you. One of your better ones in a while! It helped me, especially the part about letting yourself get hurt, that´s where I struggle. I want to live, I limit myself and my interactions to avoid getting hurt. I think that is going to be my challenge in 2017, to break that cycle. Thanks J!

  4. I don’t have any friends at all. Not even a boyfriend. I’ve been a lone hybrid for a long time. Even when I do get some friends, I still feel myself being alone. I always thought I had friends, but I guess not. Nowadays, I have some classmates that wants to be my friend but I never considered them because of the bullying. I’m not an angry person, not by a long shot, but I’ve been hurt by so many people that I have closed myself off from certain people and also I don’t trust anyone. Also, the type of people I attract are either weird, possessive, messy, or cheating on their significant other. I am tired of it.

  5. I don’t allow myself to become close to people any longer. Got tired of being disappointed so much more than anything. Not so much as being hurt. Two people I THOUGHT were my friends showed their ass, hurt me bad, but I moved on. They tried to come back into my life but I told them I didn’t want them in my life any longer. They were a part of my past and that’s where I wanted them to remain. They opened my eyes and made me realize first hand that it’s the ones closest to you that will do you dirty…not necessarily the stranger. In fact, the stranger was the one that extended a helping hand to pick me up.

    So I’m good. I’m a part of that no new friends club. I have associates now. There are VERY few that I call friend. That’s not a word I throw around loosely. I attach it to those who’ve exhibited the true meaning of the word through their actions. I’ve realized that when you’re young you don’t pay attention to things, and that can be your downfall. As you get older you reflect on your youth, the things you did, the people that you dealt with…and you chalk it up as a learning experience. It can make some bitter, but it can make others wiser. I like to think I’ve become so much more wiser. I don’t have time for fakes/phonies. I have LOW tolerance for BS and will call you on it. But getting close…nah, no time for that.

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