Not Everyone Is Going To Play “The Villain” In Your Life

something told me to font the following.
it could be for one foxholer or maybe 20.
i don’t know who needs it,
but i had to learn it for my own life as well…

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Send Your Enemies A Nice Fruit Basket

the forests are full of predators waiting to eat you alive.
you’re a fox and one of the smallest in the animal kingdom.
you’re also one of the smartest.
a fox is usually a lone hunter,
but also very careful to avoid danger.
in the real world,
we need to encounter danger in order to survive successfully.
i love my enemies.

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If I Had A Dislike Button, I Would Wake Up With 20,001 Dislikes

you walk into the lunch room.
every seat is taken.
sadly, you walk around aimlessly looking for a someplace to sit.
the look on your face has a slight nervousness because you know where you may end up.
the janitors table.
only where the losers and outcasts sit.
you see an empty spot.
as you walk towards it,
you see “that person” is sitting at the other end.
“that person” don’t like you. at. allllll.
no reason.
as you approach, they put their bag on the seat.
they turn their head back into their conversation.
as you walk away,
you can hear the faint laughs as your self-esteem gets eggs thrown at it.


why is it that the people you may just actually be cool with treat you like dirt?
is it something you did to them you didn’t realize?
is it subtle jealousy, or even envy?
or, is it unbridled attraction that is getting in the way of their judgement?
let’s hope it is the latter.
i started to wonder…

Why do you think people hate you?

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Foxy Lifestyle: The Jackals and Hyenas of our Lives

It’s time for a mental turn around.

After these last few entries,
I see there is one trend that has not been addressed.




I have had my kindness taken for granted by people who did not care what they did.
In turn, they talked crazy shit about me all over the Forest.
Thank God I learned to ignore or I would have been doing house calls.
But trust and believe in 2011,
I have been an expert on how to spot a user and how to wrap them around my finger.

Here are some tips I have picked up on throughout the years…

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The Journey Of The Great Fox


Have you ever stopped,
looked around you,
and asked yourself:


… and no,
I do not mean because of a slight case of amnesia.
I mean…

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