Foxy Lifestyle: The Jackals and Hyenas of our Lives

It’s time for a mental turn around.

After these last few entries,
I see there is one trend that has not been addressed.




I have had my kindness taken for granted by people who did not care what they did.
In turn, they talked crazy shit about me all over the Forest.
Thank God I learned to ignore or I would have been doing house calls.
But trust and believe in 2011,
I have been an expert on how to spot a user and how to wrap them around my finger.

Here are some tips I have picked up on throughout the years…

Treat Em Like Shit

A smart ass mouth never hurt anyone.
I have an answer for everything.
I’m not saying be a nasty bitch, but learn to say something smart when someone tries to take you there.
When they do something you do not like, start bitchin’.
Let them know that you are not happy and you need them to get with the program.

There is a Wolf at my job who liked to talk shit about me in front of everyone.
He would crack jokes about me in order to get a rise out of me and make point out my flaws…
…until he didn’t realize I am an OBSERVER (important to learn) and pointed out all his shit.
I let him have it a few good times and now he is wrapped around my finger.
So much so, he went from potentially cute to corny.

Learn to do this and you will always be “the one not to be fucked with”.

Say No… All The Time

You do not have to do everything anyone asks you to do.
You do not have to go everywhere you are invited to.
Your time is valuable from now on.
Unless you have a boss and are getting paid to do it, which means at work.
Always think to yourself, “what am I getting out the deal?”
You have about 6 seconds because they will do what they did to their parents to get their way.
Yeah, they will get mad and probably pout, but guess what?
They gained your respect and know not to fuck with you in the future.
If they stop speaking to you, you were saved from future bullshit.

There was a straight Wolf I knew back in the day.
He would call me at 130am and on to ask me to drive him home.
Now home was far away from my spot in the Concrete Forest.
He would be off fucking hoes, getting high, and not realize that time was flying.
I was his safety net when everyone said no.
I would get out of bed to bring him home after countless begging on my phone.
He was cute so that helped move me a little faster (red flag of insecurity).
He would give me gas money to go home, BUT I found out later he was talking shit about me.
Needless to say, I woke up and he fell asleep.
He now has 3 kids, a dirty dick, and no job.

Always think about WHY you are doing something for someone else.

Suck His Cak… Not

This one here is for my Foxes and Vixens mostly.
We all like to be fucked by a Wolf… and if he is fine, we fall for it faster.
Most Wolves realize they are fine and “the ideal” will use their dick as persuasion to get what he wants.
He fucks you into a coma and skeets on your tail.
You buy him clothes, give him a place to stay, and be his sugar Fox.
We feel we need to thank him by trickin’ off on him.
But, what bout you?
Cold dick and some warm skeet… and that is it?
Do not do ANYTHING that requires you to have to  90/10 sexual satisfy of another person.
Now this is a tricky one.
If you put them to work and they want to break you off with some sex – you both get your nut.
If you did all the work and then they want to fuck you AND suck his dick afterward – you are a sex toy.

I knew a Wolf who was looking for a home.
He was fucking Foxes for a place to stay.
He was a broke nobody but he was getting his bills paid by fucking.
He fucked an associate of mine into his home and his closet.
Said associate’s self worth wasn’t up to par and was looking for a Wolf to “rescue him from loneliness“.
Wolf is cheating on him from sun up to sun down… and they are still pretty much together.

Observe the Wolf that is coming into your life.
Never fall for the bullshit because when it hits the fan, he will take your umbrella.

Do Not Always Be Available

Sometimes I answer texts/phone calls.
Sometimes I don’t.
I am not always available because I am always busy… or I do not feel like talking.
I do not have time to see running behind some Wolf because he called/text me.
I do not always have to answer my friends because they want to talk.

Why is it when I want to talk no one answers their phones when I need them…
…but when they need me and I am unavailable, I get a voice mail asking why I did not answer.
This is when the “Treat Em Like Shit” maneuver comes into play and I go off on em.
I had to do that a couple times to a few people… and not they know I don’t play that shit.
When I meet new people, I purposely ignore them so I can train them to understand I am not always around.

Do not always be readily available.
It makes whoever want you more because you are not easy to catch.
Turn your phone off for a whole day and just enjoy your quiet time.

And there you have it.
Your past is now over.
This is the future.
It is okay to be selfish now.
YOU are the number one priority.
Everyone else comes after.
Today is the day you become a Wolf, Fox, or a Vixen.

I want you to do a mental pro/con re-evaluation of all the people in your life currently.

Why are they there?
Do I really know them?
What have they done for me lately?
What really bothers me about them?
What do I love about them?
Are they using me?
Do I feel intimidated by them?

If the cons out weigh the pros, get rid of em.
You will meet another 1 gazillion of that same person who will potentially be better.

It is really that easy.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: The Jackals and Hyenas of our Lives”

  1. nice cheat sheet but i personaly like and do rule number 2 to everything i just say no, hell no, and FUCK NO!!

  2. These post are right on time Jamari, I just had a situation with a friend who I am always there for, always giving financial and moral support, another friend had to bring it to my attention, that I was basically being used, I think I knew it deep down, but I did not want to think a friend would do that, I started treating him,like he treated me, stop being ready available and its like overnight things changed, I realize that you have to put yourself first because if you dont you end up bitter and upset when people dont show you the same love you show them. All of us with the exception of babies and the disabled have survival instincts and can make it, so I dont feel sorry for these busted ass losers anymore from family members to friends to lovers.

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