3 Minute Quickie on an Elevator

i saw him from down the hall waiting for the elevator.
he was looking so good and chocolatey.
his bald head glistened with sweat.
he had on a off beige t shirt, tan shorts, and some sandals.
he is african so i didn’t expect anything less.

he instantly saw me and waved.
i waved back; feeling shy but confident.
3 elevator doors opened but i rushed in the one with him.
he smiled and extended his hand….

“wassup?” he asked.
“nothing. tired.”
“why you tired?” 

 All i was thinking in my head was:

“i want him.”

“you still host those parties at that club?” i asked.
“well you got to take my number so we can talk.”

a bold move for jamari fox.
but fuck it, i am tired of playing duck-duck-fox.
he pulled out his phone and took my phone number.

“this is my stop.”
“aight hit me up.” 

not expecting anything; hoping for something.

i got Mandingo wolf’s number today.

14 thoughts on “3 Minute Quickie on an Elevator

  1. “oh na na. what’s his name? What’s his name? What’s his name?” (Rihanna’s voice)

  2. You better go get ya African walkin stick. But the bigger question is Jamari do you wana fuck or do u wana see how far y’all could go cause he may be the wolf to sweep you off your feet

  3. You might have to practice a little before taking Mandingo dack…don’t want the walls to go into shock…lolol

  4. I must admit I clicked this exepcting sumthin else o_O but good for you for steppin outta the box,,,,gone head and get you summa that motherland dick…oooom loc loc ummmm 🙂

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