Terrell Carter Changes Direction




That is when I thought he was so sexy.
But now…

and my favorite…

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15 thoughts on “Terrell Carter Changes Direction”

  1. The owner of Media take out is gay, I don’t understand why he would be so homophobic like this

  2. His hair may look faker than a black card at walmart but he cam still get the cookies

  3. Doesn’t TC remind you of Johnny Gill? Especially in the pic with the magenta top.

  4. These shouldve never been polished. I’m one of those dudes that started balding but when its time to hang it up, I will. I refuse to spray some ish on…that looks bad and what you gonna do wipe it off?

  5. that shoot should be called ..Atlanta’s Revenge…that city thrives off that exact type of fuckery

    1. I can’t even front wolfstyle, they do love that look here in Atlanta. He’d be a hot commodity to all ends of the spectrum lol.

      Sans the Beijing, he is still fine.

      1. yeah i dont know what is up with the taste down south in atl…lol..but of course if u took off every accessory and the SIZZLE edition KEN doll hair off ..hes a nice specimen..

  6. he’s still tall dark and handsome, minus the sparyed on hair…its just a bad photo shoot. Happens to the best of us. I once took what I thoght were sexy pictures, turns out my peepee didn’t look as big as it did on my phone. By the time I figgured it out it was too late. Had already posted them online…damn megapixil trickery 🙂

    1. Your…peepee? Imma need to see these pix, Shea…purely for research purposes of course… 😉

      And Terrell’s just saying fugg it about staying the closet, huh? Lol

      1. What type of scientists research penis? Just curious. I may need to pursue certification 😉

      2. unfortunately mista wolf I had to dispose of said pics. They were giving my wanker a bad name so to say. All these damn size queens out here (yes I’m talkin to you omg007) I wouldn’t have gotten no play 🙂

    2. Lol “peepee”? He looks tragic. Whomever “styled” this shoul be shot dead. Does nothing for his already messed up image.

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