ed ponton jr wants you to ignore all that muscle and chocolate to hear him sing

this is ed ponton jr.
i saved this picture in my phone in 2016.
Lord knows what iphone i had at the time.
might be my rose gold 7.

around that time,
i thought ed was the fione-est piece of eye candy on the rihanna socials.
he was dark chocolate,
and muscular like how i like em.
( x i wrote an entry when i copped the pics too )
he vanished shortly after that and i thought he ended up in the fine wolf graveyard.
a Foxholer randomly sent me an update of ed this morning.
he is back and better than ever

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The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

it’s always those who are always talking about the gays.
either they have some secrets or they just happy in hatred.
lil duval has always given me one or the other.
i never found him funny.
i was never confused why he wasn’t as big as kevin hart also.
there is a joke there…
on “the breakfast club” last friday with deray davis,
he mentions that he was hit on by a gay studio exec for a role.
so the conversation started about up and coming comedians being put on.
it starts at @24:30,
this is what he says about it @26:00
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The Singer Wolf, His Taste for Bunz, and Possible Exposure?

rnbwolfsingerhmmonce upon a time,
in a state far far away,
there was an up and coming r & b singer wolf by the name of mister sing your drawz off.
now mister sing your drawz off was quite handsome.
while he was getting his career together on one side,
he was addicted to the taste of honey bunz on the other side of his bed.
now wait.
don’t you go thinkin’ he has fully crossed over.
not at all.
he also likes pussy platter on fleek.
well he was getting into the bunz of another r n b singer fox.
it ended up being a relationship after a while.
in doing that,
he was also smashin’ an up and coming rapper fox on the side.
mister sing your drawz off was a busy wolf.
well one faithful day…
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His Hips Don’t Lie (Ask The Wolves)

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 7.11.41 PMeveryone meet micah.
he is an aspiring r&b singer/songwriter.
he is also an exxotical as well.
light skin.
green eyes.
i almost forgot!
 he has another feature i’m sure will make him competition for the foxes…
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She Couldn’t Fight The Battle Anymore

10561034_1441781012754133_601785930_neveryone this is simone battle.
she was a twenty five year old aspiring singer,
whose group “G.R.L.” was starting to take off:

she also appeared on x factor a few times.
she even had many tumblr folks reblogging her for her style.
she was like many of us,
trying to turn a dollar into a dream.
well simone lost the internal battle last night.
she allegedly ended her life.
stories like these make me so sad.
taylour paige,
from “hit the floor”,
had some words to share about her friend on instagram
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Mario Shows Us What His Underwear Looks Like

Mario-in-boxers-on-Instagramfirst ( x trey songz | 2 ).
now mario.
this is one competition i can get with.
btw these shots are for vixens only
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