His Hips Don’t Lie (Ask The Wolves)

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 7.11.41 PMeveryone meet micah.
he is an aspiring r&b singer/songwriter.
he is also an exxotical as well.
light skin.
green eyes.
i almost forgot!
 he has another feature i’m sure will make him competition for the foxes…

nicki-8…his hip to ass game is CRAY.
is that real????
what size pants does he wear?
i have questions.
here is a video of micah singing a whitney classic:

well that isn’t bad at all.
do i see him becoming a big star?
should he start out doing background?
best bet.
all this attention he is getting needs to be milked.
in more ways than one?
i won’t even hate.
his dms probably look like all of jack’d and grindr.
 i’m sure all the wolves and hyrbids are on thirst right now.
you think they wouldn’t fuck him?
i bet all the fine ones are.

lowkey: don’t even be jealous foxes.
when your ass is “the star”,
what do you think will get the most attention?
not your award winning personality or test results.
…but why are there only vixens in his comment box?

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “His Hips Don’t Lie (Ask The Wolves)”

      1. Not even if I was force fed a bottle of viagra and had my hands restrained so I could masturbate would I fuck him.

        Dudes have all kinds of fetishes. You have fine, fit dudes that fuck BBWs and trannies on the low.

        That’s all he’ll ever be though…a fetish.

      2. ^i know i’ve grown because i felt sorry for him.

        a wolf may fuck him,
        but damn sure won’t keep him.
        he can’t do anything without showing off his side profile.

  1. Vixens in the comment box, but my fellow Wolves in the DM’s lol. I hope not lol. Somebody gonna be hittin that the night. Y’all think I’m playing.

    1. Oh shit J. That is so harsh!!! But ewwwwww his body is like a pure woman. Don’t get me wrong I like my men with a little bit with hips and a small waist like Charlie (the Cuban guy you posted before) but this is way too much!!!!

  2. EEWWWWWW. I never understood why people want to make themselves into live caricatures. Lack of self love is so unsexy to me.

  3. ………………………….. How does he find pants? Lol not a bad song voice, I just can’t with that ass!

  4. Gay men typically want men. He has the hips of a woman. That’s a turn off to most gay men. Maybe he’s looking for a lesbian lover?

  5. that’s too much and the funny thing alot of men like big asses but what folks fail to mention is you need a BIG DICK to handle a BIG ASS!!!!! and that looks stupid, doesn’t even look natural…doing too much i’m so tired of these nicki minaj trainees like with all that you can only wear leggings…and he’s posing like he;s cute smh and even Nicki has it proportioned just right for her small frame

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