The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

it’s always those who are always talking about the gays.
either they have some secrets or they just happy in hatred.
lil duval has always given me one or the other.
i never found him funny.
i was never confused why he wasn’t as big as kevin hart also.
there is a joke there…
on “the breakfast club” last friday with deray davis,
he mentions that he was hit on by a gay studio exec for a role.
so the conversation started about up and coming comedians being put on.
it starts at @24:30,
this is what he says about it @26:00

i guess that studio exec had a “twink” fantasy

i believe it tho.
i’ve always been told the ones who reach the top had to climb on top,
or be climbed on,
to achieve the success they have.
others had family who did the dirty work for them.
it’s nothing new.

i always wondered about the straight wolves who did it tho.
the ones who never did anything gay before.

How does that even work?

if a straight actor/rapper/singer/whatever has to get smashed by an exec,
does he even know how to clean himself?
how does he even handle that?
 close his eyes and take it?
and what happens if the studio exec pounds his head off?

…or do they give head and call it a day?

it’s one thing to be gay/bi and already experienced.
we know how to seal the deal with some off the wall sex/throat.
it’s another to be completely straight,
a virgin in your tail,
and your first time is getting turned out something crazy.
( x like this for example )

i don’t even want to think about the physiological damage that does.
it can be a fantasy,
but that can cause mental issues in the long run.
even if they were the “wolf” and never did that before.
i would hope they get the role afterwards.

lowkey: with the attentionistos,
constant “hotel room selfies” always make me suspicious.
ain’t that much traveling in the world…
even if he has done gay shit,
he won’t fuck you.
you won’t get him to the next level of his “career”.
he is advertising on ig for big names to make him a star.
see how that works?

16 thoughts on “The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

  1. i think some do things to get put on and for others i think it’s a lie with some folks. I dont think every successful person had to sleep with a gay exec or something crazy to get put on. I think this is a form of self hatred we always want to paint blacks as having to do something to get put on. Is our own merits not good enough anymore? Do we really look at each other as not being able to make it. When i see a successful person i cant assume they sold their soul to make it. I’ve seen people come from the hood and end up on tv or become successful Prosecutors can i say that they got ‘put on’, yet I never hear blacks saying the same about Whites r entertainers of other cultures and ethnic groups. I think it’s a form of self hatred embedded in many. It’s like ‘ if they made it they did something bad because most of our people haven’t obtained that kind of success. I think some comedians or people who dont have as much success have to create a story as to say ‘why they’re not a popular. Lil Duval isn’t funny, at all..and many of these acts that have these ‘stories’ are mediocre so when they don’t have a meteoric rise they conceive a story about how since they didn’t give in they weren’t as successful. Case in the point the guy who says tyrese sleep with an exec to get a role that he was considered for and EVERYONE claimed he was NEVER considered for the role, originally Tupac was. That guy was hideous and not attractive and claimed he was considered to be Jody and folks ate it up simply because they like gossip or dirt. I just wonder if i was to be successful on that magnitude would i automatically be deemed the worse in the world when folks in everyday life do all kinds of immoral things and never advance. It’s levels in Life and some of us will reach astronomical heights from that thing called hard work and resilience and being consistent in our efforts and some of us will NEVER obtain anything. But this throwing shots at people simply because they didnt become as big as their peer is a bitch move or a sign of weakness…lastly it’s the LOVE of money that’s evil, not money itself. An inanimate object can’t be evil. Money can be a faithful servant and bring forth great changes or it can be a cruel master if’s up to you…Now there are some who will do crazy things but i think it’s easy to judge and say what we would or wouldnt do. Many who say they wouldn’t compromise would be the first and vice versa. Money isnt everything but i cant begin to count how many times i’ve heard family and friends say what they would or wouldnt do in life and they turned around and did just that.

    1. I was thinking that perhaps dude (Lil Duval) may have been lying, but I didn’t want to say anything. Seems like he wanted some attention for that interview..and that kind of talk is right up Charlamagne’s alley!

  2. Look, if you know how to finesse people you won’t even have to engage in sex with them.

    I’ve seen it with my own two eyes from men and women.

    Just like the escorts getting paid the most aren’t likely to be the getting fucked into oblivion just because the client paid a lot of money. They know how to play the cat and mouse game. Make them feel special and keep them coming back for more.

    If these dudes are actually fucking and sucking for a come up in the industry they’re doing it wrong and it’s unlikely anything will materialize from it, but being another notch in someone’s belt.

  3. As we have discussed on here many times previously, this does happen quite often. My thoughts on the whole thing is the weak people will be the ones to succumb, especially if they have a lot of love for money. I ain’t give up ass or dick to get any job, and I am not sucking anything either.

    Duval is handsome though, I give him that. However, his comments often annoy me, I can’t.

    1. ^i want to know the after effects of what happens.
      does a male who considered himself “straight” just move on with life after getting smutted out for roles?
      or does create a shell of the former?

      1. Well, you have some of them who are not actually straight to begin with. At the same time, you have ones who consider themselves straight because in their minds they are just doing what they have to get ahead, known as “gay for pay.”

        1. ^that is so wild to me.
          i want more lol
          it just seems to weird a straight wolf would bend over for a role when that was never his thing to begin with.

      2. It is not because of the role, it is the money that comes with it. Money is the root of all evil.

        1. ^i loved how you turned that around.
          that always struck me as selling your soul to the devil.
          doing something out of character for money or personal gain.
          a true wolf or straight wolf won’t get fucked/give head for any amount of money.
          i can see what you mean by all of this.

      3. It ain’t always just about staying true to your sexuality. Like The Man said, it’s about the money. Might have to pay overdue bills, about to be put out, super deep in debt, tired of struggling and never getting by or just having your chance to prove yourself. Don’t let it involve some family especially not a kid or your mama. I imagine at that moment that need/frustration overpowers how you feel sexually.

        Also, I don’t really find Duval funny and think he’s annoying too.

        1. ^i love the comments im getting about this.
          i would love to talk to someone who did it and what was the after effects mentally.
          or did they just move on and pretend it never happened?

          sexuality is so interesting to me.

      4. Agreed Jamari! Someone who is TRULY straight won’t accept money or any other favors for sex with another man. Anyone that accepts money or favors, they are not straight.

      5. Yes, Yes they do Jamari! A lot of them have girlfriends while they are thotting around Hollywood!

  4. People do and get what others have to give and have (tea) I know of a panther who wanted me to be friends with benefits so long as I keep it low , like when he is out with others act like I do not know him, he wanted to buy me stuff, but the gag is I already have stuff and I am not going to let anyone control how I feel and receive, come to far to be a fool now, also wanted to f**k with no condom, said I could trust him, I guess all the people in the ground had nothing to worry about either, I told him I am looking for a husband and I am not sexting again until I meet my husband , he said he respected that and we were done, I love me to much to just be used up, stuff having , sad gay man mad at the world for my own behavior. Tea for thought I am really coming into me and what God wants for me

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