Kerry Rhodes Has That Marriage Delivert!

welp foxhole…
it has happened.
kerry rhodes,
my crush of all crushes,
is now a married wolf.

he got hitched to the snow bunny he has been dating,
nicky whelan.
this is what the “daily mail” had to say…

They got engaged in February last year after meeting on the set of a comedy sketch.

And more than one year after Kerry Rhodes popped the question to Nicky Whelan, the couple wed in a private ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Guests including former cricketer Shane Warne and photographer Rosanna Faraci were among loved ones who witnessed the couple exchange ‘I dos.’

All week, family and friends of the smitten couple made their way to California for the wedding.

i’m surprised none of kerry’s friends were in attendance.
no braylon?
his other baller wolf pack?
well whatever the case,
i’m happy for him.
that snow bunny has been in damn near every ig post of his.

i’m not happy i didn’t get a oppurtunity to feel that weight on top of me

*crosses kerry rhodes off to do list*

lowkey: lets say kerry was to be a wolf in the foxhole forest,
i think black foxes would be out of the question.

article taken: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Has That Marriage Delivert!”

  1. I don’t know. This screams publicity stunt to me, but I was never crazy about Kerry anyway.
    I too find it strange that no NFL buddies or other “acquaintances” were in attendance?!
    Perhaps they’ll have another, more extravagant ceremony?

      1. lol, damn, stupid. lol Hell, i still wanted to see the tapes that Tasia little brother claimed he had of them.

  2. This doesn’t seem legit to me. I know he has claimed not to be gay but I ain’t buying it…good luck tho

  3. Just commenting on how I love this website lol XD Currently confused on the terms being thrown around in here . Like fox, foxhole, etc. Stay chipper and happy easter everyone 😉

  4. I thought Braylon attended? He’s posted pics with them.

    Whatever the case is, the masses don’t care at this point. As long as he doesn’t get caught up again.

    1. ^he sure did attend!

      i think everyone doesn’t care about kerry anymore.
      this would have been a big story before.
      it’s a filler sadly.

      1. Right! I feel like Ray Edwards is only doing to prove a POINT that he’s not gay, but the gag is, he loves wearing those tight ass underwear that looks like trunks. The ones that the male go-go dancers would wear inside a gay bar. Mmmhmm, like we don’t know his tea! Who is that butch queen fooling! *sips tea*

  5. They got ’em! I find it to be sad that he has to live in a lie. I truly don’t understand how someone can be attracted to the same sex and not want to live in truth. I know societal constructs and religious traditions, but I live in truth and honesty in all areas of my life. It boggles my mind how others will willingly delude themselves into a false life. Given time, the marriage will fail because it was built on a lie. But the truth is strong enough to hold up anything. My happiness is everything and I couldn’t be happy living my life deceiving people into believing I’m someone that I’m not.

    And a white woman at that. Smh….

  6. maybe he’s just a bisexual black man, i dont think one has to be gay or straight. Having gay sex doesnt mean that you dont like females it just means you enjoy gay sex. If you cant see yourself settling down and being with a male for the rest of your life then i dont think i can acknowledge you as a gay male. Being gay is much deeper than who we sleep with

    1. very true Malcolm, I know the story of Kerry and that peanut guy was scandalous but I feel like we should give some of there guys the benefit of the doubt, since a lot of us have dealt with curious guys who still have an attraction to women while having feeling to a fox or wolf.

  7. If it works for them, more power to them.I have seen them in interviews and they seem to really enjoy being together.They seem to be great friends who love each other.

    I know many people who have gotten married for security,financial reasons,because they have a kid,etc.I know a couple women who are straight but are married to older,rich guys who they are not sexually attracted to.It happens ,everyone doesn’t marry the person they are madly in love with or the person they are sexually compatible.

    Mr Right vs Mr Right now

  8. Damn, after Fantasia little brother “outed” him. He pretty much lost a lot of shit and disappeared. I think that bs is why he’s no longer in the NFL.

  9. I am just glad he hired enough security to stop Peanut from busting through the door and singing the Vesta Williams classic “Congratulations” I used to love me some Kerry back in his playing days, sort of lost some of his allure when he rushed into this engagement and marriage after the Peanut scandal. Honestly, I dont see a genuine chemistry between these two. Kerry showed more emotions with Peanut and that is just the truth. He looks stiff in pictures with females. I dont want to beat him up because he is not the first Black man who has had to please others denying himself true happiness. I have been to a wedding where I knew the Groom, and as hard as he tried to hide it, was gay. Some of his gay friends were even in the wedding as well as attended the ceremony. This dude was a college friend and another dude who I knew was gay from our college days spotted me at the reception and whispered to me that this was joke and busted out laughing. I tried to retain my composure but even I knew it was laughable and let me tell you this marriage turned out to be a DISASTER! By the end the wife was calling him all kinds of low down dirty faggots, letting me know, she knew the deal when she said “I Do” but he was a successful business man who bought her luxury cars, furs and they lived in a beautiful home. After the divorce he was left with nothing, I guess he was scared to really fight due to probably not wanting some of his secrets to come out to his family. He came from a big religious family, so like Kerry he probably felt the pressure to marry to stop the gossip. Funny I hadnt seen him in some years and ran into him last year and he looked like he has said “F” it and came all the way out. Some of us just dont have the courage to live our truth. I wouldnt go so far as to marry someone, but I am still pretty ambiguous about my dating life to most people and still pretty secretive so it aint like I got much room to talk. I just wish we lived in a world where our sexuality didnt matter to so many other people who were hell bent on making our lives miserable for who we love. Sadly, the rumors and whispers have gotten worse since the wedding. Lipstick Alley is having a field day dragging Kerry calling him everything but the child of god. Hopefully Peanut has been compensated well enough to leave him alone and not cause trouble.

  10. I love me some Kerry Rhodes.. It really broke my heart when that little weasel did him so dirty.. Kerry looked so bewildered and lost it was out of his league to run into and fall for someone like that. I hope he is not trying to prove something here, but I really do wish him Happiness. I have a serious soft spot for him. But and that is a big but, I hope I am reading the body language in those photos wrong!

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