Koree Did A “2 for 1” Drag Combo (Lil Duval and Porsha Williams)

he has such a stunning facial.
koree is so handsome.
so i don’t know if you have heard of this new “eyebrow” craze.
i swear,
i’m convinced mental illness is at an all time high.
this is the current alleged trend:

beautiful sista,
but like,

what are we doing?
how do you even get your eyebrows like that?
well lil duval called out koree for having his eyebrows like that.
this is how it went down…
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The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

it’s always those who are always talking about the gays.
either they have some secrets or they just happy in hatred.
lil duval has always given me one or the other.
i never found him funny.
i was never confused why he wasn’t as big as kevin hart also.
there is a joke there…
on “the breakfast club” last friday with deray davis,
he mentions that he was hit on by a gay studio exec for a role.
so the conversation started about up and coming comedians being put on.
it starts at @24:30,
this is what he says about it @26:00
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Lil Duval Drags Eddie Long To Hell

i see no lies.
even though lil duval can be annoying…
he shouldn’t be shamed for telling the truth.
i’m sure by now,
eddie is looking over his itinerary for his eternity of torment.

Charlamagne Is A Top. He Said It. I’m Not Kidding.

lolchcharlamagne talks shit.
if you know him from wendy and tbc,
you know how he says whatever.

ya know if he was gay,
i couldn’t see him be a fox tho.
so he was right on his assumption.
lil duval however was grossed out by statement:

lowkey: it’s funny when the straights use our terminology.
ive heard plenty of straight wolves say they would only be a top “if” they were gay.

You Need To Be A Smart Hoe, Ya Hear!

I caught the following tweets from Lil Duval and I had to ask myself was he right?

I chuckled for a minute, but then reality set in….

Is there such a thing as a smart hoe?

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