Lil Duval Drags Eddie Long To Hell

i see no lies.
even though lil duval can be annoying…
he shouldn’t be shamed for telling the truth.
i’m sure by now,
eddie is looking over his itinerary for his eternity of torment.

16 thoughts on “Lil Duval Drags Eddie Long To Hell

  1. We as a community, race, or nation are doomed, not because of the oompa loompa or the Republican’t’s, but because we valiantly defend our right to be negative and bitter. Speaking ill of the dead has no positive benefit. Bashing someone who has died and not having any sympathy for their families is inhumane. This is not to say that they don’t deserve your scorn or anger; it just isn’t about you at that moment. Let his family grieve.

    Long was not a good person; he did some foul shyt. Arguing with documented fact is a waste of time. I have a question though. If someone came to you with undeniable proof that someone you loved had committed a felony, do you stop loving that person? Most would disassociate, but love, particularly for a family member, does not have an on off switch. There is no record I could find that says his family defended his actions. As a matter of fact, his wife divorced him. His children distanced themselves. That doesn’t mean they stopped loving him. His crimes were not perpetrated against them; he broke their faith and trust in him.

    I have friends that don’t like each other for very valid reasons. What happened in the past between them has nothing to do with me. I’m not ending a friendship because another friend thinks I should. The same concept applies here. People keep saying, “What about his victims.” His victims at this point are not the focus. Being sympathetic and/or empathetic towards his victims does not alleviate the fact that his kids lost their father, nor does invalidate the suffering of his victims.

    With regard to those “victims”, I would like to remind some that none of them continued their push for their day in court after million dollar settlements were put in the table. The initial disclosure happened after he was “cut off”. Another came forward out if hurt feelings when he found out he wasnt the one and only. You also have to consider the fact that only one or two of them were below the age of consent. The age of consent in Georgia is 16. Was Long immoral for offering money, gifts and trip for sex? HELL TO THE YEAH!!! In the cases of those that were 16 and older, they are just as complicit. In fact, a few of them were countersued because they broke their confidentiality agreements which should why they just announced that they are about to release a tell all book.

    All in all, the man lost his reputation, his wife, his children, most of his money, and his health in the 6 years since the scandal. Dragging him on social media at this point is beating the proverbial “dead horse”. He pretty much lost everything, and his victims are about to cash in on their tragedies…..again…. they will be fine

  2. I didn’t know the man, but “don’t speak ill of the dead” is actually pure hypocrisy, cause only those who were not affected personally by that dead person can say that. Imagine a man raped your sister or brother or child, then he dies, now tell me about that “don’t speak ill of the dead” again. If a person was bad even dead he stays a bad person. Hitler is dead, can we speak ill of him or nah? Please let’s be real here. Dead or not dead, bad is bad. I feel for the family but that’s it. And i feel more for the poor men who had the courage to tell their truth.

  3. i can’t judge. I’m not condoning what he did, and i pray for those whos lives he has impacted negatively but i have too many of my own demons that i deal with everyday to condemn someone to hell. Some of the people that we think are holy are truly the sons of perditions. Only GOD has the final say so…

  4. Screw that! Not speaking about Eddie Long here, but if someone did terrible things in their life, you don’t owe it to them or them family to lie and speak kindly about them after they die. What about those harmed by their actions? It’s a responsibility to call it out and if a family member is offended, so be it! Especially if the family members already knew or willfully deluded themselves. And if social media is too much, log off. Should be in mourning anyway.

    1. ^eddie had no problems talking shit about us at the altar,
      all while he was doing the same thing once service was over.
      we cant stop people from speaking negatively about us once we die.
      if you were a dirty dog in real life,
      you were a dirty dog in memory.
      some choose not to uplift po’ eddie in positive prayer lol

  5. I don’t believe in not speaking ill of the dead. My mother raised me to believe that just cause they dead does not mean they were not ill or should be celebrated. Only thing she ever said was wrong in a situation like this is if you would not have said whatever bad thing you saying about them to them while they were alive and could defend themselves then shut your trap when they are dead. You had the chance to say it to them alive so now that they can’t say anything back now you gonna speak? Now personally I think Duval would have said this while the man was alive so it is what it is.

  6. Social media is pervasive…..I mean it’s everywhere…..Speaking ill of the dead can have devastating effects on their surviving family and friends. When those ill-spoken words are placed on social media to go viral, the trauma is worse because their suffering is compounded knowing that much of the society in which you live is disregarding the fact that the person had a spouse and children. My mother’s family found about another of my grandfather’s children who is only 6 years older than me (for perspective, I have 1st cousins that are over a decade older tham me) aftee my maternal grandparents passed with a year of each other with Granddaddy, a preacher, passing first. Her mother waited months before she allowed my new aunt to come forward out of respect of the grieving process.

    Eddie Long was my Pastor briefly while I was in school in ATL. I have gone to churches where the reputation of the pastor or a minister was called into question.

    Bottom line…..It is not my place to judge the men and women of GOD. No matter his imperfections, the man did a lot of good in the body of Christ. None of us are perfect, and I know we hold the men and women of GOD to a higher standard.

    I’d like to share a conversation I had with my Granny, the only textbook Christian I have ever known. In Sunday school, we were discussing forgiveness, how GOD will forgive any single if you confess, ask for forgiveness and repent. Later that night while talking to Granny, I asked if mass murderers and serial killers could ask for forgiveness on their deathbed and still go to Heaven. She said, “Yes.” I was INDIGNANT!!! “How is that fair?!?!?”, I demanded. She said, “Imagine for a moment the hell that they must have lived through that made them do what they did. GOD knows what you will do before you do it. People are tested to see if they are strong enough to fulfill the purpose for which they were placed here. How they come through the test determine especially their future.”

    There are many great people that were victimized in ways that would have broken most of us. Oprah Winfrey is an example I use often. She was raped and abused by males in her family, the very ones meant to die for her, while living in extreme poverty. She could have become one of the few Black female serial killers, hating all men. Instead, she took the strength it took to survive and built an entertainment empire.

    Look a how that illness ravaged Eddie Long’s body in less that a few years. We don’t speak ill of the dead because the Ultimate Powers That Be ensure that they faced the consequences of their actions before they leave this life. Insensitive, bitter vitriol serves no purpose other than to keep up mess. Move on….life is too short…

    Asé, family….

    1. Wow, just wow!

      I completely understand this, but I accept a lot of people don’t. Unfortunately we live in an age where we can’t see past our own worldly views.

  7. I find this conversation very interesting. On one hand we have been left out of the church circles because of our “Life Choices” as they believe, yet we can fall back on guilt trip for not thinking as we have been taught by the very same people. I see nothing wrong with lil Duvall’s sentiments, that is how he feels. My grand taught me that just because a person dies they don’t automatically become a saint. Even though he is dead, those young men that came forward and those who didn’t will still have to live with their ordeal for the rest of their lives. Those who knew and covered for him will have to do the same. My only feelings about his death is that these young men may never have any closure. Either way Eddie Longs ordeal on earth is over.
    I am sure his family loved him and will miss him very much. This I can understand and I can feel for them, I do hope he found peace with in himself but that is his journey .
    This is just the way I feel and I am fine with that.
    Peace My Brothers.

  8. Out of curiosity. Does anyone know when the “rule” of “don’t speak ill of the dead” started? Or why? I know it’s a thing you’re supposed to do, but why? If someone comments unfavorably about a dead person, does it directly affect anyone other than the commenter? Does it disrupt people’s grieving process or does it just ruffle feathers and get people talking? If the men who were negatively affected by Eddie Long had nothing but unfavorable comments to make about him now that he’s dead. Would they be problematic for doing so?

    I ask because in speaking with my mom about how things are to be handled when she passes, oftentimes her response is “I don’t care/it doesn’t matter, I’ll be dead.”
    Plus, my dad is a really shitty guy, now. If he were to die, would I suddenly be a bad person for maintaining my stance on him being a shitty guy? Cuz he is. That’s just the truth?

    I could understand SOME upset if it were a case where a friend of Eddie’s family publicly carrying on like this because the family would be emotionally connected to this person. I don’t doubt that other people have dragged Eddie Long publicly but they’re not Lil Duval. So is this just problematic because it’s Lil Duval?

    I don’t mean any harm by any of this, but I am curious. At one point, I used to feel the need to hold my tongue out of respect for people I had no respect for/simply just didn’t know outside of what I’ve seen. But again, after my mom drilling it in my head that a lot of what happens here on earth in relation to her after she’s passed doesn’t really matter cuz she won’t be here anyways. I started to ask myself why it was such a big deal?

    I, personally, don’t have anything to say about Eddie. All I know is that scandal he had a few years back that was all over the blogs and such. I don’t know who he really is, though. Only his family does. So, to me, all comments about Eddie made by folks who didn’t directly interact with him on a regular basis are irrelevant. Good or bad.. But we give so much steam to those exact people, and I just don’t know why. And we do so much about having to pay respect to folks we literally don’t know or don’t like JUST because they passed, and I don’t know why. Will any of this matter 5 or 10 years from now? Is Lil Duval forever a bad guy because of this one time he spoke ill of Eddie Long after he’d died?

    Now if it’s just a drag Duval because he’s annoying as shit and hella problematic in his own right, I get that. But if we’re dragging him because he didn’t have something nice to say about a dead person, which plenty of people do ALL the time. Probably direct family members in some cases… Why?

  9. First of all my out of the loop ass thought that Lil Duval was the rapper killed in Atlanta in a car wreck last year, Im so confused. When I saw this on Twitter, I was like didnt he get killed. Next anybody with Lil in their name is not anyone I am going to put much stock in. Many of us from the old school may be criticized or we may be flat out wrong but going in on dead people with the exception of Trump when the Lawd calls him home is not my style. I have never seen this type of passion on either side when someone dies. Social Media is a MOTHA! This has literally been trending on Twitter all day. It is nothing to be said or done now, he cant hear it. Sadly it is so many living ministers, bishops at this very moment sleeping with boys, girls, animals etc doing all kinds of things that are not pleasing in the Lords eyes as with all the people who follow their ministries. We all have sins to answer for. Many people are using his death to speak out on the hypocritical nature of the church and other issues that they have with the Black church specifically, knowing it is a bigger audience listening than normal. I am going to let Brother Eddie Rest in Peace and still offer condolences to his family. I have lived long enough to know that behind ever big personality there is another side with demons that they have to contend with. Not excusing his behavior at all, from what I understand, he has been cutting up for a number of years according to the streets of Atlanta. I even know a young man who told me that the Bishop did a few financial favors for him but he did say that he never had a sexual relationship with him, but this young man eerily fits the profile of some of the accusers from their skin tone, body, attractiveness etc, if it is true he probably has a type. But alas he is dead now and we will probably never know all that went down.

  10. Lil Duval has said many things that encourage rape culture so he has no room to talk.

    Black men who don’t have the influence these pastors have are lowkey envious and want to be the one doing the oppressing.

  11. No one gives a fuck about Eddie Long, you’re supposed to be respectful for the first couple of weeks when people die because regardless of what they’ve done they’ll most likely have family and children mourning.

    Now what he needs to be shamed for is dragging a dead man then bringing up God and religion in the same paragraph. How do you post something savage then try to act holy?

    1. I like you. More people need to be like you.

      Yes some people are idolizing him like they did when he was alive, but it’s just common decency not to speak ill of the dead where I was raised.

      I grew up seeing my parents go pay their respects to people they didn’t even particularly like when they were alive.

      Where were all these outraged black people when he was still alive? He was still in the pulpit and none of you all were bothered. You all basically didn’t care because it wasn’t front page news anymore because those boys had been paid off.

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