“The DL Jackal That Shot Markeith Rivers”: A MLK Special

aren’t you excited?
me too.
so as markeith rivers promised,
he revealed the alleged animal who shot and robbed him.
it wasn’t maggie simpson.
it was allegedly a jackal named tony lamar carthran.
an f-bi updated me and well…

i think it would have been more interesting twist if maggie shot him.

well the run down on tony is he clearly loves the food in jail.
he is 21 years old and in typical “markeith” fashion,
he will also release the sex tape between tony and him to the public.
tony’s street cred is about to be all for nothing.
he is also currently on the run.
i hear mexico is great this time of year.

it’s “in the marsh” dwellers.
actually all of the dl markeith outs “in the marsh” dwellers.
he resides down in the marsh and usually water meets it’s own level.
what is surprising is the vixens of every forest are now #teammarkeith.
they allegedly been doing negro spirituals for his recovery.

i guess everyone loves a good battle scar when fighting for humanity.

lowkey: if that dl jackal is getting pounded by markeith in a video…
he better cut his hair,
change his name,
and work nights at a gas station on some interstate.

that would get messy af.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on ““The DL Jackal That Shot Markeith Rivers”: A MLK Special”

      1. He’d better watch himself. That boy might have dumb ass friends who would try to take him out as well. But he’s done ’cause once that kinda gossip gets out…it’s a wrap.
        And if the tape comes out..he’s REALLY done!

  1. I’d direct this right to the authorities. I’m sure they wouldn’t like him compromising their investigation, that is if they even care to investigate anyway.

    1. Markeith actually waited to expose the guy because local cops asked him to hold off. Tony is on the run and warrants have been issued for his arrest. So Markeith isn’t compromising the investigation. And there’s no word of when the video will be released publicly, if at all, since we all know Markeith likes to say A and do Z.

  2. I googled Tony’s name and nothing but mugshots and arrest records came up. I’m surprised that Markeith was able to hook up with Tony since it’s clear that his preferred location is state prison.

    1. The “dl detective” isn’t very efficient if he didn’t see this coming, clearly that man has nothing to lose with that record.

  3. Lawd is this supposed to be what is passing for Trade now days. More like Trish than Trade. This is Trade light, hell back in the day when Trade would shoot you, they didnt miss and we would be saying in Memory Of, but this punk cant even shoot straight. It is only a matter of time before he perms his hair dyes it blonde and start calling himself Toni C. Markeith was tricked by the Devil thinking this was a real boy. Thanks to Toni C, we have to be burden in 2017 with this Trout Mouth Queen and his antics.

  4. WTF ??
    Am I crazy or does almost every guy he outs have locs or braids? Who lives in North Carolina? Is this a coincidence or do most of the guys in NC rock these hairstyles.

    Not that there anything wrong with locs.😂

    1. No we all don’t have locs and braids.
      most of his outted have low cuts, but the ones that make news have locs.

      but 70.
      he won’t make it to 30

  5. Call me when someone can finish the job on this reckless sack of shit by placing him out of his misery. The only people who support his antics are bitter lonely unattractive messy ass black women.

  6. This Markeith person does not have the right to trick unsuspecting people and wrecklessly alter their lives for his sick agenda. The next person that shoots him is going to succeed if he does not stop creating these situations. There are not too many people who are going to let Markeith destroy what they have simply because he wants to play fake detective. Markeith Rivers you better stop before someone actually kills you, and you will be the blame, as you are now.

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