Eddie Long Brings In his Successor In Style (100k Style)

^that is eddie long.
he was buried in an 100k presidential coffin.
so we found who will be taking over his church.
his name is stephen a davis and this is what he looks like…
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The Victims May Shred Eddie Long To Pieces

we gonna have to change the author.
so i’m sure eddie long is still laying in the morgue.
two of victims are deciding to bury him even faster.
they want their story to be told to the world.
through font.
this is what they are planning via the ajc
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Lil Duval Drags Eddie Long To Hell

i see no lies.
even though lil duval can be annoying…
he shouldn’t be shamed for telling the truth.
i’m sure by now,
eddie is looking over his itinerary for his eternity of torment.

RIP Bishop Eddie Long

i had to cover him on how much recent weight he lost too.
according to those close to him,
and a f-bi who alerted me,

bishop eddie long has passed away this morning.
he was 63.
too bad he’ll be remembered for his alleged scandals and questionable foxhole behavior.
his cub,
edward long jr
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Everyone Meet A Different Kind of “First Lady”…

remember him?

well he is back.
sort of.
one of his accusers is getting ready to release his book called “First Lady“…

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These Masculine Queens Are Actually Gay? Well, DUH.

I thank one of my faithful readers for sending me this story.


I have always thought men who were so anti-gay, were gay.
Imo, gays are a mirror of them.
They hate on them because they hate the way they are feeling.
Later in life, they will be regulars at Splash, standing on the wall hoping to be noticed.
Pay attention to all these masculine queens, as I like to call them, on Twitter and Tumblr.
(George Hill and Steven Beck for example)
They give a GREAT straight and hate gays showing them love
(although these boys enjoy the attention from all the thirst).
Low key, they are giving a solid GAY and don’t know it yet
(or maybe already do?).

But, this article sheds some light on my theory...

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