Eddie Long Brings In his Successor In Style (100k Style)

^that is eddie long.
he was buried in an 100k presidential coffin.
so we found who will be taking over his church.
his name is stephen a davis and this is what he looks like…

that is him and his wife,

this is what the ajc has to say about it:

Bishop Stephen A. Davis of New Birth Birmingham has been named to succeed the late Bishop Eddie Long.

Long was senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia. He died Jan. 15 at age 63.

Davis was formally introduced as the new senior pastor today during Sunday services. His installation is effective immediately.

Long and the New Birth board of directors agreed to Davis as the person to take over the megachurch in the succession plan, which was adopted in 2013.

 Davis comes to NBMBC on the “crest of a highly successful tenure as senior pastor, president and chairman of the board , formerly known as Refiner’s House”, according to a release. Davis has had direct ties with Long since 2006. Refiner’s House in Birmingham became a New Birth Church plant in 2011, a part of the New Birth Church expansion.
well this is good news,
the church won’t go down in flames.
the forests are saying he doesn’t look as “wolf-like” as eddie.
that’s what got eddie in trouble in the first place.
i really thought one of his cubs would have taken the position.
i guess they aren’t ready for that responsibility?
lowkey: how are the church members gonna welcome his snow bunny?
what happens to mrs. eddie long?
picture of eddie long: mr obnoxious
picture and article: ajc

13 thoughts on “Eddie Long Brings In his Successor In Style (100k Style)

  1. Some black people will follow anybody , pastors can make their congregation do high fives , do twills , jump up and down just by telling them to . God put a brain in your head , eyes and ears but you refuse to use them, even when the evil is revealed, you refuse to believe. That’s why our young people keep doing the wrong things because they are watching you do the wrong things and they watch you follow people who do the wrong things . Eddie Long lived better than the poor members of his church who gave up monies for him to live better than Jesus ever did .

    1. I can’t believe all these negative comments, seeming Bishop Long didn’t do anything wrong, two sides to every story,

  2. Lawd, when I seen the pic of Eddie in that 100K casket, I seriously thought this was a picture of a cake that somebody had made for the Repass. I truly had to look a couple of times. Congratulations to Bishop Davis on his new position, I am sure it is going to be very interesting, I wonder will he remove all references to Bishop Long to create a new environment at New Birth. Bring the boys back Bishop Davis they need to feel safe again at church.

  3. Being in the funeral industry, the cost of this casket is completely false. This casket tops out about 15G depending on the funeral home. Its called the Batesville President Carved Top. NOW the funeral may very well have been 100Gs with all the bells and whistles.

  4. WOW I just read those comments at Obnoxioustv they make TSR comments look tame in comparison.These are supposedly Religious people calling the new pastor an ” old country queen”.Saying black women should leave New Birth.

    They should leave because this pastor has a white wife but they didnt leave when Eddie was screwing teenage boys.SMH

  5. And the legacy obviously lives on. ”God damn”, now that I see his face up close, lashes, mustache, and damn thats a big mouth… All i got to say, the apple does not fall far from the tree and who he fooling.

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