The Victims May Shred Eddie Long To Pieces

we gonna have to change the author.
so i’m sure eddie long is still laying in the morgue.
two of victims are deciding to bury him even faster.
they want their story to be told to the world.
through font.
this is what they are planning via the ajc

From the moment they went public in an exclusive interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution more than five years ago, the young men who accused Eddie Long of sexual coercion forever altered the bishop’s outsized legacy.

As word spread Sunday about Long’s death after an extended bout with cancer, everyone wanted to know what his accusers — four young men, all in their mid-to-late-20s now — thought about the charismatic pastor’s legacy.

“We’ve been hearing from people from all walks of life — the media, celebrities, gospel singers — wanting to hear what we think,” said Spencer LeGrande, one of four former New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members who filed suit against Long in 2010. A fifth accuser, Centino Kemp, came forward as the lawsuit entered a mediation process. An undisclosed financial settlement was reached soon after.

LeGrande, now living Charlotte where he co-owns a thriving sneaker cleaning company, and two of the plaintiffs, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, told The AJC Sunday that when the time is right, they’ll have their say.

“As much as we’d like to make a statement about the passing of Bishop Eddie Long, we’ve all decided to remain silent, for now,” Long’s accusers said in a joint response given exclusively to The AJC. They said Jamal Parris, the fourth former New Birth member to sue Long, also consented to the statement.

“We’re all brothers in this,” LeGrande said.

Their statement concluded, “Our perspectives will be addressed in our book, Foursaken, which we hope to release soon.”

LeGrande said they’re still shopping for a publisher. The book will focus on their lives after breaking ties with the controversial bishop, who consistently denied the allegations against him.

4 different stories within the book?
that actually sounds like a good read.
with a scandal like this,
they may get that book picked up fast.
everyone is interested in hearing what they have to say.
will it be easier now that eddie is dead?
i’m sure his family will fight the release tho.
if they got it published,
i’d probably read it.

Would you?

i can even see a movie too.
you know a director is itching to get their paws on this.

lowkey: a shame what his legacy is turning out to be.

article taken: ajc

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Victims May Shred Eddie Long To Pieces”

  1. Is Eddie Long famous enough to have a movie about him?Most of the people I know had never heard of him.None of the white people I asked had ever heard of him.My own father didn’t know who the hell he was when I told him Eddie Long had died.But anyway his family can’t block anything. If Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, etc families or estates can’t block biopics then his family can’t block projects.
    I don’t have any problem with them telling their stories.They all had different experiences with him.I know one of the guys wrote a book and said he and Eddie had a committment service where they exchange jewelry. He said Eddie called it a “covenant “. I will definitely read the book if all 4 participate.I think its great they have bonded I know that didn’t all know each before the lawsuit.

  2. You know, this story has legs and need to be told about black church’s deepest secrets. What a better time to tell something like this with movies like “Moon Light” and other genres. I hope these mens find closure and are at peace especially Jamal tho I know he had a brash run in with the law but was going to school in Miami. No doubt, I can see a movie being published in the horizon about this false prophet with secrets behind the pulpit. I wonder if the ex knows anything or anyone in his corner know about the real Eddie Long?

  3. From the above, the book will focus on their lives after Eddie Long. That’s not a hot seller. That’s a snoozer. If they want the book to sell, then the book will focus on details of their interactions with Eddie Long, including details about the seductions, the sex acts and the payments/gifts. My understanding is that Eddie Long liked to suck dick. Now, that’s a hot seller.

    Can their stories be told? It depends on the agreements that they signed.

  4. I dont think they can tell anything about their dealings with Long due to the agreements they signed, even in death, his estate can sue and demand the money back if they talk. I am sure someone will make a movie to sell to Centric or BET who both have Netflix like networks, people will eat this up, they will probably have to change the names and just base it off of this story and not name actual names but then again as YColette has stated, they have made movies about famous people without the families consent, lets just hope that lifetimes does not get the rights, or they will have the Bishop played by Sinbad. I am in agreement, with Dean also, sadly no one will likely want to hear about their lives after the scandal.

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