The Truth Behind The Vegas Shooting Victims?

these forests keep on getting wilder and wilder.
can we even go outside anymore?
my notifications were lit up like a christmas tree this morning.
every news source sent alerts about the vegas massacre.
i didn’t even hit the next snooze alarm.
all i could do was lay back down.
twitter had videos and pictures.
this is one i saw:

did she know to duck?
look at this fool @ 1:00:

you know who he is?

  colossas from the x-men.

it was crazy af out there tho.
it really had me feeling sad,
but a foxholer sent me a message this evening about most of the victims…
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Ariana Grande Fonts A Grande Message

so as you know,
or didn’t,
ariana grande has postponed the rest of her tour since the tragedy in manchester after her concert.
my prayers go out to her because i don’t know how she can still do it.
i would need a couple months off to re-coup.
i guess money needs to be made tho.
well she wrote a nice message for her fans on her ig.
this is what she had to font
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The Victims May Shred Eddie Long To Pieces

we gonna have to change the author.
so i’m sure eddie long is still laying in the morgue.
two of victims are deciding to bury him even faster.
they want their story to be told to the world.
through font.
this is what they are planning via the ajc
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