Frank Ocean Donates Money To The Victims of the Theater 9 Massacre

that is big love frankie.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Donates Money To The Victims of the Theater 9 Massacre”

  1. Regardless, if someone really donated the money, big ups. I pray this isn’t a big prank/hoax…

  2. That Twitter account is fake. I don’t think that’s him. On the blogs his name is spelled wrong, on that account it was spelled @frank_ocaen, which is wrong. I’m sure people with Twitters will investigate it.

    Somebody is trying to make an ass out of him.

      1. The trick is to get him to really donate money. If he comes out and says he didn’t tweet that people are gonna say well he could have gave money anyway. This aint a natural disaster, no one doesn’t owe those families a dime. Money doesn’t solve the pain of the victims and their families of a tragedy like that. That is the movie theater and the family of the shooter’s job if they choose to make that move. Some victims will file lawsuits receive money for pain and suffering but that’s it.

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