better yet,
i got my russian fox imported straight from overseas.
he is denying for a nice american wolf to show him a good time….

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (85)”

  1. WOW…that’s a pretty ass! When did white boys start getting phat asses? Because I’ve seen some white boy phatties here in the ATL. I think most of them were mixed with some Hispanic blood though.

  2. That’s the type of ass that would make me wanna gather up a crowd of dudes and run train on him. That thing is nice.

  3. A train??? Foreal Man??!!!

    Smh, I can not blame you for wanting to bang him until he taps out, but just for me can he keep his self respect in the process lol

    1. You know white guys are into shit like that more than black guys. They will do it and still have their self respect. LOL.

    2. White guys don’t see it like Black dudes do; he’ll gladly accept all the ‘mandingo’ dack — and beg for it. It fulfills their fantasy *shrug* lol

      That’s an azz that needs to be used & abused…

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