this wolf decided to share his mega-cakes for the foxes again.
i thought it was a wolf meat submission.
i thought wrong.

he is definitely NOT trying to get that butt hole annihilated.

sorry for the mix up wolfie number 2….


these cakes deserve a round of applause.
this is just the type of handle bars we foxes need when he is digging real deep…
don’t you think?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “RISE OF THE FOXTAILS: WOLF EDITION (11)”

      1. I was just saying that because of what Wolfie said. Stop teasing us with your cakes Que, that’s misleading don’t you think? LOL

  1. I see Jamari has changed the post title. I felt that I was mislead, deceited and lied to.LOL. I feel that you owe all 6 of us something Que *rubs hands together and makes that Stevie J rat face* LOL

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